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Thelma S. Horn

affect, sport commitment, and persistence. In contrast, higher frequencies of punishment-oriented feedback based on evaluation, as well as high use of nonreinforcement and ignoring player mistakes, have a negative effect on the same psychosocial outcome variables and may also be linked to higher levels

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Neil Armstrong and Jo Welsman

pediatric aerobic fitness in health and disease” ( 27 , p. 256). Not the words of authors preaching a “gospel” with “evangelistic persistence” as Dotan ( 14 ) suggests, but of scientists genuinely seeking to stimulate evidence-based discussion of the development of youth aerobic fitness and its relationship

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Leticia Oseguera, Dan Merson, C. Keith Harrison and Sue Rankin

(d) persistence. These relationships between perceived campus environment and student outcomes held for both Black and White students, with the exception of the relationship with social experiences. Basically, the perception of a campus climate as racist negatively influenced the academic experiences

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Margaret E. Whitehead, Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers and Niek Pot

help an individual to understand and show compassion to others. Self-esteem is also associated with persistence, determination, and the belief that success is possible ( Sandelands, Brockner, & Glynn, 1988 ). In the current International Physical Literacy Association definition, it is suggested that

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Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers, Nigel R. Green and Margaret E. Whitehead

that he or she can execute what is required to produce a certain outcome in a specific situation. Self-efficacy plays a central role in future participation behavior in relation to choice of activities, effort, and persistence with tasks. As Bressan and Weiss ( 1983 ) concur, “given the appropriate

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Mark S. Dyreson

that optimized their capacities as persistence hunters ( Bramble & Lieberman, 2004 ). They had abundant leisure time to enjoy their locomotor cultures, given that the anthropological consensus contends that they worked only about 20 hours a week at wresting a living from their Pleistocene environments

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Kate Hovey, Diana Niland and John T. Foley

choice, and persistence at a given task are all connected to self-efficacy. When an individual experiences success (i.e., meeting the learning objectives while participating in a certain task in a specific situation), it appears to be an important determinant of developing positive self

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Victoria McGee and J.D. DeFreese

described as excitement and enjoyment. Global athlete engagement has been linked to lower levels of burnout, in addition to persistence in sport and increased confidence and enthusiasm ( DeFreese & Smith, 2014 ). Coaching behaviors have been found to be positively associated with athlete engagement. For

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Ken R. Lodewyk

, & McKeachie, 1991 ). PE-based research has linked PE-value beliefs to favorable outcomes like achievement, task choice, effort, persistence, intentions, and self-efficacy ( Chen, 2001 ; Gao et al., 2009 ; Gao, Newton, & Carson, 2008 ; Xiang, McBride, & Bruene, 2006 ). Research has also reported

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Elroy J. Aguiar, John M. Schuna Jr., Tiago V. Barreira, Emily F. Mire, Stephanie T. Broyles, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, William D. Johnson and Catrine Tudor-Locke

highest cadence values (not necessarily consecutive) in a day, averaged over the monitoring time frame. It is shaped by both the intensity and persistence of stepping behavior within a day, as well as its consistency (regularity) across a week. As such, it represents the “natural best effort” in terms of