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Stephanie M. Mazerolle, Christianne M. Eason and Ashley Goodman

it pertains to work-life conflict, 3 , 16 burnout, 17 – 19 satisfaction, 6 , 20 , 21 and retention. 9 , 10 , 22 , 23 Yet, little is known about the personal aspects of career intentions and persistence for the athletic trainer. The intent to remain in one’s profession or organization is often

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Keith R. Lohse

. Lucca et al. ( 2020 ) present a systematic review of the methods that have been traditionally used to study persistence behavior in infants. Using a case study, they also argue that measures of force and motion, common in the motor domain, may offer insights to infants’ persistence. Used in conjunction

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Ang Chen

project is the best hands-on training for doctoral students. That was a time when all data had to be punched into a roll of mile-long narrow paper tape by hand for the mainframe computer for analysis. The volume of work was tremendous. Her persistence and work ethic exemplified how a productive researcher

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Thelma S. Horn

affect, sport commitment, and persistence. In contrast, higher frequencies of punishment-oriented feedback based on evaluation, as well as high use of nonreinforcement and ignoring player mistakes, have a negative effect on the same psychosocial outcome variables and may also be linked to higher levels

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Neil Armstrong and Jo Welsman

pediatric aerobic fitness in health and disease” ( 27 , p. 256). Not the words of authors preaching a “gospel” with “evangelistic persistence” as Dotan ( 14 ) suggests, but of scientists genuinely seeking to stimulate evidence-based discussion of the development of youth aerobic fitness and its relationship

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Leticia Oseguera, Dan Merson, C. Keith Harrison and Sue Rankin

(d) persistence. These relationships between perceived campus environment and student outcomes held for both Black and White students, with the exception of the relationship with social experiences. Basically, the perception of a campus climate as racist negatively influenced the academic experiences

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Kate Hovey, Diana Niland and John T. Foley

choice, and persistence at a given task are all connected to self-efficacy. When an individual experiences success (i.e., meeting the learning objectives while participating in a certain task in a specific situation), it appears to be an important determinant of developing positive self

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Margaret E. Whitehead, Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers and Niek Pot

help an individual to understand and show compassion to others. Self-esteem is also associated with persistence, determination, and the belief that success is possible ( Sandelands, Brockner, & Glynn, 1988 ). In the current International Physical Literacy Association definition, it is suggested that

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Alvaro Sicilia, Manuel Alcaraz-Ibáñez, Delia C. Dumitru, Adrian Paterna and Mark D. Griffiths

internalization of an activity within the individual’s identity ( Vallerand, 2012 , 2015 ). Controlled internalization is produced by intrapersonal and/or interpersonal pressure deriving from contingencies attached to the exercise. Individuals who show OP eventually display a rigid persistence toward the

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Leslie K. Larsen, Leslee A. Fisher, Terilyn C. Shigeno, Matthew P. Bejar and Melissa N. Madeson

examining autonomy supportive and controlling coaching behaviors. According to SDT, self-determined forms of motivation (i.e., intrinsic motivation, integrated regulation, identified regulation) are associated with greater persistence, enjoyment, and performance than non-self-determined forms of motivation