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Paula B. Costa, Scott R. Richmond, Charles R. Smith, Brad Currier, Richard A. Stecker, Brad T. Gieske, Kimi Kemp, Kyle E. Witherbee and Chad M. Kerksick

Synchronized swimming is an intense, highly demanding aquatic sport, which combines artistic components and aerobic capacity with muscle strength, power, and endurance. Recent changes in the competition format, as well as the artistic requirements, have led to greater physical demands for athletes

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Enzo Hollville, Vincent Le Croller, Yoshihiro Hirasawa, Rémi Husson, Giuseppe Rabita and Franck Brocherie

Internationale de Hockey’s rule changes). 1 The physical demands, therefore, require aerobic and anaerobic abilities combined with the aptitude to repeatedly execute technical skills (eg, passing and shooting) under pressure and while fatigued. Previous time–motion analysis studies have reported a decline in

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Paolo Menaspà, Marco Sias, Gene Bates and Antonio La Torre

. Physical demands of sprinting in professional road cycling . Int J Sports Med . 2015 ; 36 ( 13 ): 1058 – 1062 . doi:10.1055/s-0035-1554697 10.1055/s-0035-1554697 26252551 5. Abbiss CR , Menaspà P , Villerius V , Martin DT . Distribution of power output when establishing a breakaway in cycling

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Darren J. Paul, Gustavo Tomazoli and George P. Nassis

it may take more than 4 days for feelings of wellness (using the Hooper scale) to return to pregame levels in a group of collegiate American footballers. The prolonging of this recovery timeline was attributed to the physical demands (collisions) as well as the additional requirements of university

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Francesco Campa, Hannes Gatterer, Henry Lukaski and Stefania Toselli

ID: 23881291 doi:10.1123/ijspp.2013-0119 10.1123/ijspp.2013-0119 23881291 3. Pollastri L , Lanfranconi F , Tredici G , Schenk K , Burtscher M , Gatterer H . Body fluid status and physical demand during the Giro d’Italia . Res Sports Med . 2016 ; 24 ( 1 ): 30 – 38 . PubMed ID

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Heidi R. Thornton, Jace A. Delaney, Grant M. Duthie and Ben J. Dascombe

of the athletes’ true capacity. Therefore, absolute thresholds may be more suitable in some contexts, perhaps in sports where there is not a large variation in physical capacities of athletes, but they also permit the longitudinal assessment of the physical demands of competition. Within research

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Andrew Evans, Robert Morris, Jamie Barker, Tom Johnson, Zoe Brenan and Ben Warner

injured • Sacrifice (e.g., moving home) • Extra responsibility (e.g., being full-time) • Being self-disciplined • Arriving late to an academy • Gaining acceptance • Integrating with new people • Adapting to new culture • Overcoming fear • Increased physical demands • Learning to survive and thrive • Being

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Jorge Arede, António Paulo Ferreira, Oliver Gonzalo-Skok and Nuno Leite

postpubertal subjects. Thus, specific requirements on the court have different physical demands and need distinct physical attributes. For example, smaller players spend more time in full-court drills and perform higher number of sprints, whereas taller players usually play near or inside the painted area, in

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Katherine Elizabeth Black, Alistair David Black and Dane Frances Baker

.1080/1364557032000119616 Austin , D. , Gabbett , T. , & Jenkins , D. ( 2011 ). The physical demands of Super 14 rugby union . Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 14 ( 3 ), 259 – 263 . PubMed ID: 21324741 doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2011.01.003 10.1016/j.jsams.2011.01.003 Berardi , J.M. , Price , T.B. , Noreen , E

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Mitchell Naughton, Joanna Miller and Gary J. Slater

Team sports are the highest participation sports internationally. Although the physical demands of training and competition vary within and between sports, each is characterized by repeated bouts of high-intensity activity. 1 , 2 Unique among these activities are contact sports, such as rugby