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Mara Simon and Laura Azzarito

identity and adopting a color-blind perspective as a strategic means of aligning herself with whiteness. For Erika, growing up in poverty played a formative role in her embodied identity and was inherently tied to her family’s immigrant status, both of which she tried to escape through basketball (see

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Jared A. Russell, Sheri Brock and Mary E. Rudisill

to draw group boundaries to distinguish themselves from others ( Perception Institute, n.d. ). One only has to look at watchdog legal organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch ( ) or Hate Map ( ) to

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Paul M. Wright, Lauriece L. Zittel, Tawanda Gipson and Crystal Williams

Head Start Agency in the midwestern United States. This agency provides Head Start services for eligible children and their families. The agency strives to be an effective advocate for children and families affected by poverty throughout five mostly rural and suburban counties. This particular agency

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Avery D. Faigenbaum

poverty of strength” often seen in older adults, yet this concept should be expanded to include younger populations in light of recent findings ( 6 ). Low levels of muscular fitness at any age predispose individuals to functional limitations and adverse health outcomes ( 5 , 12 , 15 ). Consequently, the

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Alan L. Smith and Daniel Gould

promotion of social development in youth sport participants. Anderson-Butcher overviews extant research on social- or life-skill development through sport and assesses the role of youth sport in addressing broader social problems such as poverty and inequality. Examples of community-based programs are

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Jack Thomas Sugden, Daryl Adair, Nico Schulenkorf and Stephen Frawley

Paperbacks . Baulch , B. ( 2011 ). Why poverty persists: Poverty dynamics in Asia and Africa . London, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing . 10.4337/9780857930255 Bishop , R. ( 2011 ). Freeing ourselves from neo-colonial domination in research . New York, NY : Springer . 10.1007/978-94-6091-415-7_1 Briggs

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Vera K. Tsenkova, Chioun Lee and Jennifer Morozink Boylan

degree; 0, bachelor’s degree or higher), family size-adjusted income-to-poverty ratio (2, less than 300%; 1, 300%–599%; 0, 600% or more), current financial situation (2, worst possible; 1, average; 0, best possible), availability of money to meet basic needs (2, not enough; 1, just enough; 0, more than

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Erica Pasquini and Melissa Thompson

with which to accomplish the same goals. References Carter , A.D. , & Bloom , G.A. ( 2009 ). Coaching knowledge and success: Going beyond athletic experiences . Journal of Sport Behavior, 32 , 419 – 437 . Coombs , P.H. , & Ahmed , M. ( 1974 ). Attacking rural poverty: How nonformal

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MinKyoung Song, Robert F. Corwyn, Robert H. Bradley and Julie C. Lumeng

to an income-to-needs ratio based on federal poverty levels for each family size (ratio of <2.0 is considered low income). 37 Information on whether the mother had a partner/spouse was obtained by interview at ages 9, 11, 12, and 15. Data collection sites were grouped by region of residence at age

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Fallon R. Mitchell, Sara Santarossa and Sarah J. Woodruff

:// National Eating Disorders Association . ( 2018 ). Learn . Retrieved from Nisbet , M.C. ( 2010 ). Knowledge into action: Framing the debates over climate change and poverty . In P. D’Angelo & J.A. Kuypers (Eds.), Doing news framing analysis