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Jared A. Russell, Sheri Brock and Mary E. Rudisill

to draw group boundaries to distinguish themselves from others ( Perception Institute, n.d. ). One only has to look at watchdog legal organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch ( ) or Hate Map ( ) to

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Fallon R. Mitchell, Sara Santarossa and Sarah J. Woodruff

:// National Eating Disorders Association . ( 2018 ). Learn . Retrieved from Nisbet , M.C. ( 2010 ). Knowledge into action: Framing the debates over climate change and poverty . In P. D’Angelo & J.A. Kuypers (Eds.), Doing news framing analysis

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René Revis Shingles

. . . . Once seven of us kids lived in a car with her [his mother] for about a month” ( Oher, 2001 , p. 11). Oher experienced poverty, food insecurity, and housing insecurity including homelessness. If he sprained his ankle while playing football and a home exercise regimen was prescribed, he might not have

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Christopher Johansen, Kim D. Reynolds, Jennifer Wolch, Jason Byrne, Chih-Ping Chou, Sarah Boyle, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Brianna A. Lienemann, Susan Weaver and Michael Jerrett

, Byrne J , et al . Trail characteristics as correlates of urban trail use . Am J Health Promot . 2007 ; 21 ( suppl 4 ): 335 – 345 . doi: 10.4278/0890-1171-21.4s.335 17465179 27. Tanumihardjo SA , Anderson C , Kaufer-Horwitz M , et al . Poverty, obesity, and malnutrition: an international

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr and Timothy Kellison

introduction (pp.  77 – 105 ). London, UK : Sage Publications . Collins , T.W. , & Grineski , S.E. ( 2008 ). Unequal impacts of downtown redevelopment: The case of stadium building in Phoenix, AZ . Journal of Poverty, 11 ( 1 ), 23 – 54 . doi: 10.1300/J134v11n01_02 Cordery , C.J. , Sim , D

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Mark Dyreson

extinction then, nor is it today. Although still plagued by malnutrition, disease, poverty, and isolation, as well as by incursions into their homelands by the mining, logging, narco-trafficking, and even tourism industries, twenty-first-century Mexican census data count more than 100,000 Tarahumara. They

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Mark Dottori, Guy Faulkner, Ryan Rhodes, Norm O’Reilly, Leigh Vanderloo and Gashaw Abeza

: obesity (increasing numbers of overweight children) Topic: unhealthy eating habits (food in schools/at home, fast foods, etc.) Topic: lack of physical activity (home, school, outdoor, indoor, etc.) Topic: socioeconomic (poverty, access to resources, costs, safety in neighborhoods, single parents, etc

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Haichun Sun and Tan Zhang

, and these connections are especially meaningful for students in urban schools or high-poverty schools, where students may face many challenges in their community ( Ennis, 2000 ). When students fail to connect themselves to the learning community or perceive the relevance and values of their

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Joshua Woods

, Evenson, McGinn, & Brines, 2008 ; Wen, Zhang, Harris, Holt, & Croft, 2013 ; Wolch, Wilson, & Fehrenbach, 2005 ). Most of these studies found that as the poverty of neighborhoods increases, the distance from these neighborhoods to parks and green spaces increases. Neighborhoods with higher percentages of

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Nisha Botchwey, Myron F. Floyd, Keshia Pollack Porter, Carmen L. Cutter, Chad Spoon, Tom L. Schmid, Terry L. Conway, J. Aaron Hipp, Anna J. Kim, M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Amanda L. Walker, Tina J. Kauh and Jim F. Sallis

better in school, likely due to multiple benefits on brain structure and function. 9 – 11 This evidence highlights the need to promote healthy lifestyles and opportunities for safe and age-appropriate PA for all children. Communities of color, communities with high poverty levels, and communities with