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Dylan Brennan, Aleksandra A. Zecevic, Shannon L. Sibbald and Volker Nolte

Keye’s ( 1995 ) model of psychological well-being. The model includes six dimensions of wellness: namely, autonomy, environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relations with others, purpose in life, and self-acceptance. The masters athletes appear to align well with this model and would represent

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Shaunna M. Burke, Jennifer Brunet, Amanda Wurz, Christina Butler and Andrea Utley

-being as the attainment of happiness through the occurrence of positive affect, the absence of negative affect, and the experience of life satisfaction. The eudaimonic approach, underpinning psychological well-being ( Ryff, 1989 ), defines well-being through six aspects of human actualization: self

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Andrew G. Wood, Jamie B. Barker, Martin Turner and Peter Thomson

The application of clinical models in elite sport symbolizes a shift in effective interventions that aim to enhance psychological well-being and performance. The effects of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT; Ellis, 1957 ) on psychological health and athletic performance are receiving

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Rajni Rai, Michelle I. Jongenelis, Ben Jackson, Robert U. Newton and Simone Pettigrew

levels of participation in physical activity. Psychosocial factors, such as quality of life ( Prince et al., 2016 ), psychological well-being ( Withall et al., 2014 ), social support ( Bauman et al., 2002 ; Smith, Banting, Eime, O’Sullivan, & van Uffelen, 2017 ), purpose in life ( Holahan et al., 2011

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Chih-Hsiang Yang and David E. Conroy

least five times per week, or leisure walking for at least an hour per week, had higher levels of subjective well-being compared with their peers ( Black et al., 2015 ). Meta-analysis of the literature indicated that the effect size for improving older adults’ psychological well-being was modest for

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Sheryl Miller and Mary Fry

task-involving climate were positively associated with their BE (using a composite score on the BESAA) and overall psychological well-being. The stronger relationship observed between climate and BE scores by these researchers in comparison to the present study could be related to these dancers

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Jen D. Wong, Julie S. Son, Stephanie T. West, Jill J. Naar and Toni Liechty

, Psaty, Longstreth, & Mozaffarian, 2016 ). Especially for women, leisure physical activities have important benefits, such as increased social support and psychological well-being (e.g.,  Baker, Fraser-Thomas, Dionigi, & Horton, 2010 ; Son, Kerstetter, Yarnal, & Baker, 2007 ). In the examination of

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Flávia Cavalcante Monteiro Melo, Kátia Kamila Félix de Lima, Ana Paula Knackfuss Freitas Silveira, Kesley Pablo Morais de Azevedo, Isis Kelly dos Santos, Humberto Jefferson de Medeiros, José Carlos Leitão and Maria Irany Knackfuss

.1097/00005768-200105000-00005 11323537 10. Hicks AL , Martin KA , Ditor DS , et al . Long-term exercise training in persons with spinal cord injury: effects on strength, arm ergometry performance and psychological well-being . Spinal Cord . 2003 ; 41 : 34 – 43 . PubMed ID: 12494319 doi:10.1038/ 12494319 10

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Pooja Somasundaram and Alexandra M. Burgess

anxiety, depression, and suicidality ( Bardone-Cone, 2007 ; Burgess et al., 2016 ; Hewitt & Flett, 1991 ). The differential relationship of striving and evaluative concerns to aspects of psychological well-being suggests that each of these two dimensions of perfectionism should be examined separately in

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Zachary C. Merz, Joanne E. Perry and Michael J. Ross

performance enhancement and dysfunction ( Moore & Bonagura, 2017 ). Due to the inclusion of psychological well-being within the field of clinical sport psychology, it is most common that practitioners ascribing to this field have obtained graduate-level training in clinical or counseling psychology and have