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Wesley J. Wilson, Justin A. Haegele, Steven K. Holland and K. Andrew R. Richards

, SL-based sports camp for youth with visual impairments using an in-depth qualitative method. Research questions included: (a) what was the impact of camp involvement on the volunteers’ perspectives of working with youth with visual impairments and (b) how do the volunteers view their camp experiences

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Sheena S. Philip, Joy C. Macdermid, Saranya Nair, Dave Walton and Ruby Grewal

playing games or sports. “I fell while skating.” (Participant 9) “I fell on ice while curling.” (Participant 10) Triangulation of quantitative and qualitative methods Risk factors of DRF were very similar when quantitative data and interview data were triangulated (comparison and meshing of two sources

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Yumeng Li, Rumit S. Kakar, Marika A. Walker, Li Guan and Kathy J. Simpson

. Technometrics . 2006 ; 48 ( 3 ): 432 – 435 . doi:10.1198/004017005000000661 10.1198/004017005000000661 22. King N . Template analysis . In: Symon G , Cassell C , eds. Qualitative Methods and Analysis in Organizational Research: A Practical Guide . London, UK : Sage ; 1998 : 118 – 134 . 23

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Gregory W. Heath and John Bilderback

included qualitative methods (focus groups) to assess issues about access and availability and program preferences for active living from children, youth, and their parents/teachers. 7 All study procedures and informed consent documents were approved by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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Paul E. Yeatts, Ronald Davis, Jun Oh and Gwang-Yon Hwang

) identified three key challenges that veterans face related to social participation: (a) lack of respect from civilians, (b) considering themselves to be of a higher standard than civilians, and (c) difficulty fitting into the civilian world. The results of the qualitative methods indicated that veterans

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Thomas Gretton, Lindsey Blom, Dorice Hankemeier and Lawrence Judge

‘real life’ but bounded (in time and place) context ( Hodge & Sharp, 2016 ). Simmons ( 2009 ) challenged the common perception that case studies are a pure methodology, instead promoting the interpretation that this qualitative approach is a design frame for multiple qualitative methods (e

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Yolanda Barrado-Martín, Michelle Heward, Remco Polman and Samuel R. Nyman

). In all three cases as no qualitative methods were used, there is no way to explain the reasons for participants’ engagement or disengagement with Tai Chi. An underuse of qualitative methods has generally been observed in RCTs of health-care interventions ( Drabble, O’Cathain, Thomas, Rudolph

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Laura J. McGowan, Rachael Powell and David P. French

potential for interventions to reduce sedentary behavior in older adults from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, so that results can be better generalized to the wider older adult population. To inform development of interventions to reduce sedentary behavior in older adults, the use of qualitative methods

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Julie D. Guldager, Anja Leppin, Jesper von Seelen and Pernille T. Andersen

May 10, 2018. 15. Green J , Thorogood N . Qualitative Methods for Health Research . 3rd ed. London, UK : Sage Publications ; 2018 . 16. Malterud K . Systematic text condensation: a strategy for qualitative analysis . Scand J Public Health . 2012 ; 40 ( 8 ): 795 – 805 . PubMed ID

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Sheri J. Hartman, Dori Pekmezi, Shira I. Dunsiger and Bess H. Marcus

balancing increased physical activity in one part of the day with decreased physical activity in another part of the day. 33 Qualitative methods were helpful in identifying several potential causes for physical activity compensation in past studies in older adults (fatigue, muscle soreness, fear of