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Patrick Abi Nader, Lina Majed, Suzan Sayegh, Ruba Hadla, Cécile Borgi, Zeina Hawa, Lama Mattar, Elie-Jacques Fares, Marie Claire Chamieh, Carla Habib Mourad and Mathieu Bélanger

”, reflecting low sports participation rates (<20%). Table 1 Grades and rationales for Lebanon’s 2018 Report Card Indicator Grade Rational Overall Physical Activity D 54.1% of children and youth (5-17 years) self-reported achieving 420 minutes of weekly MVPA (Jomaa et al unpublished custom analysis). 12.2% of

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Daniela Rodrigues, Cristina Padez and Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues

interventions to improve sports participation. Strengths and Limitations Strengths include the relatively large sample size, a high response rate, and a standardized procedure. In addition, the study questionnaire covers a range of sociodemographic and behavioral risk factors that were used in a solid

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Catherine E. Draper, Simone A. Tomaz, Susan H. Bassett, Cora Burnett, Candice J. Christie, Colleen Cozett, Monique de Milander, Soezin Krog, Andries Monyeki, Niri Naidoo, Rowena Naidoo, Alessandra Prioreschi, Cheryl Walter, Estelle Watson and Estelle V. Lambert

a key role in certain indicators, most notably organised sports participation, active transportation, and community and environment. In addition, there remains a gap between policy and implementation. The grade for ‘school’ has been downgraded to a D- (from a D in 2016) in order to bring this to the

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Yolanda Demetriou, Antje Hebestreit, Anne K. Reimers, Annegret Schlund, Claudia Niessner, Steffen Schmidt, Jonas David Finger, Michael Mutz, Klaus Völker, Lutz Vogt, Alexander Woll and Jens Bucksch

: Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund ; 2017 . 8. Reimers AK , Wagner M , Alvanides S , et al . Proximity to sports facilities and sports participation for adolescents in Germany . PLoS ONE . 2014 ; 9 ( 3 ): e93059 . PubMed ID: 24675689. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093059 24675689 10.1371/journal

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Logan A. Lucas, Benjamin S. England, Travis W. Mason, Christopher R. Lanning, Taylor M. Miller, Alexander M. Morgan and Thomas Gus Almonroeder

Sports participation has physical, social, and psychological benefits. 1 , 2 Unfortunately, lower-extremity musculoskeletal injuries are common, especially in sports that involve high-impact maneuvers such as landing and cutting (eg, soccer, basketball). 3 , 4 Although the severity of these

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David Geard, Peter R.J. Reaburn, Amanda L. Rebar and Rylee A. Dionigi

, and that sports participation may provide benefits above those derived from generalized physical activity. For example, in a cohort of elite male and female masters track and field athletes ( N  = 121; 53.4 years; 13.4 hr training/week for 7 out of 12 months), when sport was undertaken for reasons in

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Between Sports Participation in Early Life and Indicators of Obesity in Adulthood D.G.D. Christofaro, W.R. Tebar, T.D. Machado, B.T.C. Saraiva, L.D.Delfino, B.A.S. Aguilar, S.C.B. Silva and R.A. Fernades Department of Physical Education, São Paulo State University, Presidente Prudente, Brazil

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Igor H. Ito, Han C.G. Kemper, Ricardo R. Agostinete, Kyle R. Lynch, Diego G.D. Christofaro, Enio R. Ronque and Rômulo A. Fernandes

identified significant impact of prolonged practice of martial arts in the adult skeleton ( 2 , 3 , 4 , 14 ), but similar data in pediatric groups are scarce ( 16 , 18 , 40 ). Most of the data about the issue involving pediatric groups do not measure sports participation, but overall physical activity

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Geraldine Naughton, David Greene, Daniel Courteix and Adam Baxter-Jones

value of weight-supported sports participation. “More is better” does not always apply, and the stage of maturation should be seen at least as a moderating, if not mediating, factor in the dose–response relationship. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a timely reminder of ongoing concerns for

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Claire R. Jenkin, Rochelle M. Eime, Hans Westerbeek and Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen

Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 30 ( 1 ), 19 – 35 . Heo , J. , Culp , B. , Yamada , N. , & Won , Y. ( 2013 ). Promoting successful aging through competitive sports participation: Insights from older adults . Qualitative Health Research, 23 ( 1 ), 105 – 113 . PubMed ID