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Jinger S. Gottschall, Bryce Hastings and Zachary Becker

abdominis activation was 51% less during the narrow, 50% less during the middle, and 47% less during the wide hand position bench press in comparison with activation at the parallel push-up hand positions (all values, P  < .001). Figure 1 —Normalized (mean [SD]) surface electromyography for the narrow hand

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Courtney L. Pollock, Michael A. Hunt, Taian M. Vieira, Alessio Gallina, Tanya D. Ivanova and S. Jayne Garland

perpendicular distance between the ankle center and the line of action of the vertical component of the ground reaction force. Electromyography The use of high-density surface electromyography provides sampling from a broad area of each muscle reflecting the global activity of each muscle. High-density surface

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Nickolai Martonick, Kimber Kober, Abigail Watkins, Amanda DiEnno, Carmen Perez, Ashlie Renfro, Songah Chae and Russell Baker

as a preventative measure for ankle trauma by using surface electromyography to assess the effectiveness of KT at facilitating the muscle activation of fibularis longus. 2 The participants stabilized on a balance board with the tested limb as the board was subjected to perturbation from a 10-kg

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Brian Killinger, Jakob D. Lauver, Luke Donovan and John Goetschius

individuals with CAI. Methods Design This study used a cross-over design with counterbalanced conditions in a laboratory setting. Primary independent variables were condition (BFR and control) and exercise sets (set 1, set 2, set 3, and set 4). Primary outcomes included surface electromyography (EMG) muscle

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Anna M. Ifarraguerri, Danielle M. Torp, Abbey C. Thomas and Luke Donovan

, Saliba S , Hertel J . Surface electromyography and plantar pressure during walking in young adults with chronic ankle instability . Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc . 2016 ; 24 ( 4 ): 1060 – 1070 . PubMed ID: 26856315 doi:10.1007/s00167-016-4015-3 26856315 10.1007/s00167-016-4015-3 14. Donovan

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Jeff A. Nessler, Thomas Hastings, Kevin Greer and Sean C. Newcomer

session with the longboard. Surface electromyography was used to record activity from the erector spinae (lumbar region), mid trapezius, upper trapezius, and upper latissimus dorsi muscles of the right side of each participant (Figure  2 ). Electrodes were placed as follows: erector spinae = approximately

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Nicholas Tam, Ross Tucker, Jordan Santos-Concejero, Danielle Prins and Robert P. Lamberts

VICON MX motion analysis system (Oxford Metrics Ltd, Oxford, UK), sampling at 250 Hz using a modified Helen–Hayes marker set. GRF data were collected using two 900 × 600-mm force platform (AMTI, Watertown, MA), sampling at 2000 Hz, synchronized with the motion capture system. Surface electromyography

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Mostafa Yaghoubi, Philip W. Fink, Wyatt H. Page and Sarah P. Shultz

.2174/1875399X00902010042 19946380 24. Hermens HJ , Freriks B , Merletti R , et al . SENIAM 8: European Recommendations for Surface Electromyography . Enschede : Roessingh Research and Development ; 1999 . 25. Hills AP , Andersen LB , Byrne NM . Physical activity and obesity in children

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Amy R. Lewis, William S.P. Robertson, Elissa J. Phillips, Paul N. Grimshaw and Marc Portus

, Grange S , Ferguson-Pell M . Changes in surface electromyography signals and kinetics associated with progression of fatigue at two speeds during wheelchair propulsion . J Rehabil Res Dev . 2012 ; 49 ( 1 ): 23 – 34 . PubMed ID: 22492335 doi:10.1682/JRRD.2011.01.0009 10.1682/JRRD.2011

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Ji-Hyun Lee and Tae-Lim Yoon

, or musculoskeletal soft-tissue injury of the lower-extremity, such as ankle sprain within the last 6 months, were excluded. Overweight or obese subjects were also excluded, as fatty tissue, acting as a low-pass filter, could interfere with the surface electromyography (EMG) signals. 22 The subjects