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Jason M. Avedesian, Tracey Covassin and Janet S. Dufek

function is an integral factor for injury risk in sport. A previously concussed athlete with residual deficiencies in processing environmental stimuli and task constraints, along with the inability to preplan correct motor sequences, may not be able to produce protective muscular forces, thus leading to

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Andrew D. Nordin and Janet S. Dufek

confounds statistical analyses. 18 , 19 Consideration for the individual, environmental, and task constraints that shape movement outcomes provide context for the emergence of distinct neuromusculoskeletal motor solutions, or movement strategies. 17 – 20 Biomechanical strategies have been defined by James

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Bouwien Smits-Engelsman, Wendy Aertssen and Emmanuel Bonney

coordination were major predictors of agility performance. Two-legged side jumps seem to be an influential component of agility, and this may be because of the similarity between the task constraints. The 2-legged side jumps required getting over a wooden plank repeatedly over time in a constraint area and

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Raimey Olthuis, John van der Kamp, Koen Lemmink and Simone Caljouw

—with the possibility of relative contributions of each lying anywhere along a continuum between the two, depending on the task constraints. Error endpoint distributions typically have an elliptical shape with the orientation of the long (primary) axis indicating the primary direction of error. A primary

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Timothy A. Hanke, Bruce Kay, Michael Turvey and David Tiberio

. Discussion There are four major results from this study of paced rhythmic lateral stepping in healthy adult subjects. First, CM motion was found to be dependent upon task constraints, namely pacing frequency. It appears modifications to CM motion serve to preserve stepping and avoid delays in stepping that

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Victoria Galea, Robyn Traynor and Michael Pierrynowski

, a by-product of a movement where temporal precision was not the primary goal. The apparent temporal regularity instead results from the influence of environmental, organism, and task constraints acting on the unfolding movement ( Thelen, 1991 ; Viviani & Laissard, 1991 ). The former class of

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Greg Wood, Samuel J. Vine, Johnny Parr and Mark R. Wilson

. ( 2010 ). Examination of gaze behaviors under in situ and video simulation task constraints reveals differences in information pickup for perception and action . Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 72 ( 3 ), 706 – 720 . doi:10.3758/APP.72.3.706 10.3758/APP.72.3.706 Dicks , M. , Uehara , L

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Jarred Pilgrim, Peter Kremer and Sam Robertson

coaches/practitioners and players to be an important aspect of tournament preparation. Several players recalled situations in which they had adapted their preparation in response to changing task constraints such as unexpected weather condition or an acquired shot shape. It was explained that if an

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Masakazu Matsuoka, Hiroshi Kunimura and Koichi Hiraoka

and Circulation Physiology, 115, 1289 – 1297 . doi:10.1152/jn.00512.2015 de Lima , A.C. , de Azevedo Neto , R.M. , & Teixeira , L.A. ( 2010 ). On the functional integration between postural and supra-postural tasks on the basis of contextual cues and task constraint . Gait & Posture, 32

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Marco Catarino Espada Estêvão Correia and Rachael Bertram

the influence of performance task constraints ( Greenwood, Davids, & Renshaw, 2012 ). The informal learning method of reflective practice, in which coaches reflect in and on their experiences, has been given a vital role and has been promoted as a method for improving the ability to undertake the