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Travis R. Bell and Karen L. Hartman

Verhoeven ( 2013 ) explain that in a crisis, fast communication efforts on Twitter project an “instant public crisis framing based on assumptions” (p. 231) dominated by personal speculations. Conversely, those authors note that traditional news-media outlets “have a soothing effect on public panic and

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Jennifer M. Medina McKeon and Patrick O. McKeon

Human Kinetics editorial team who bring IJATT to life. The IJATT website and Twitter feeds have been updated to highlight IJATT content in a very meaningful way. Be sure to check out new developments from the editorial team. A New Look! We are so pleased to debut the new look for IJATT ! While

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Gashaw Abeza

show that goes on YouTube, and also on our website. But there may be a 5-minute segment in there that we may say, “Hey, let’s pull this out. Put this on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram.” So, it’s all about content management. And the restructuring helps to smoothly manage different types of content

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Andrea N. Geurin

demands to build a new media presence by maintaining their own website; providing frequent updates on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; writing blog posts; and engaging with fans and other stakeholders online. Peña, Arauz, Sha, and Garcia ( 2011 ) stated that new media “is

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Matthew Zimmerman and Lauren Burch

States with every ounce of my being. That’s where our focus has always been. Zimmerman and Burch : When did you know that Men in Blazers had broken through, popularity-wise? Was it the podcast, the Twitter feed, TV show—when did you feel it was obvious that Men in Blazers was here to stay? Bennett

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Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

Edited by Kim Gammage

: Does Your Hashtag Matter? Comparing the Fitspiration and Thinspiration Communities on Twitter Research has shown a relationship between general social networking use and body image and eating concerns. Thinspiration

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Grace Yan, Dustin Steller, Nicholas M. Watanabe and Nels Popp

the type of communicative behavior—instead of merely focusing on the activity of following sport teams on Twitter or Facebook, content generation is examined. Furthermore, the results of the study provide insights for sport teams and leagues to more effectively manage social-media accounts and

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Gashaw Abeza, David Finch, Norm O’Reilly, Eric MacIntosh and John Nadeau

) Investigated how clubs used their official Facebook page and Twitter account to create relationship dialog with their stakeholders Organizational-focused empirical study. Used SRM content of Canadian National Sport Organizations ○ Mediating role of social media ○ Moderating role of relationship intensity

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Mark Norman, Katelyn Esmonde and Courtney Szto

of sociologists are making use of public digital media such as Twitter, their online discussions frequently risk creating an “echo chamber” with other academics rather than communicating with broader publics ( Schneider & Simonetto, 2017 ). Furthermore, digital media can encourage one

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Ashley N. Weingartz and Stacy Warner

this case, in 2017 a Go Fund Me page supporting a Greenville Little League all-star team was shared 4700 times across Facebook and Twitter and raised over $32,000 to help with team, coach, and family travel expenses during their Little League World Series run ( Go Fund Me, 2018 ). The goals of the