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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Natalie M. Welch and Robin Hardin

(e.g., kinesiology, business), and instructional classification (i.e., research intensive vs. teaching intensive). Researchers were interested in assembling a diverse sample, so participants who offered different perspectives and experiences based on the previously mentioned demographics were

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Katelyn Esmonde and Shannon Jette

these explorations of networks and alliances that, once assembled, often appear natural. However, despite our interest in multiplying the loci through which scholars can explore the network of connections between humans and non-humans in the hope it will broaden our ability to understand physical

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Kyle Paquette and Pierre Trudel

clear that he understood the importance of building community and sharing power. This was demonstrated when he assembled a leadership team of individuals (Glenn, Tom, and Jean) who not only shared significant educational experience and passion for coach development, but who possessed similar epistemic

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Matt C. Crockett and Ted Butryn

CrossFit class: As we assembled at the crudely spray-painted line in the parking lot the coach announced that the race was an out-and-back course, meaning that we would run half a mile out and then turn around at another spray painted line on the sidewalk. The coach explained that we would have to cross a

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Mark L. Latash

projecting on M1 neurons. Based on the observation of diffuse neuromodulatory projections to M1, it has been suggested that a relatively small number of modulatory control units provide sufficient flexibility to produce a variety of actions and to assemble novel movements from previously learned primitives

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Ben Larkin, Brendan Dwyer and Chad Goebert

emerged but additional data were not producing any additional themes at this point, no additional interviews were conducted ( McCracken, 1988 ). Materials and Analysis A two-step process was implemented to assemble the interview guide. In Step 1, we drew on theory and literature, as well as the results

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Andrew Hammond, Ruth Jeanes, Dawn Penney and Deana Leahy

-disability’s date with ontology and the ableist body of the law . Griffith Law Review, 10 , 42 . Kumari Campbell , F.A. ( 2009 ). Contours of ableism. The production of disability and abledness . Basingstoke, UK : Palgrave Macmillian . 10.1057/9780230245181 Leahy , D. ( 2012 ). Assembling a health [y

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Matthew Lamont and Sheranne Fairley

previous day’s Ironman. A large crowd gathered made up of Beer Mile competitors’ entourage, including children. Competitors began assembling, dressed in eccentric outfits such as safari suits, animal costumes, and skin-tight, revealing costumes. As competitors awaited the start, one of the organizers, a

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Chad Seifried, Chris Barnhill and J. Michael Martinez

question is the following: (d) What does knowledge creation look like at different career stages (i.e., student, nontenure track, tenure track, tenured) and within different institution types? Methods This exploratory analysis assembled data centered on the relationships between knowledge creation

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Sofie Kent, Kieran Kingston and Kyle F. Paradis

). However, by making inferences from other studies, an explanation of the current study’s findings can be cautiously assembled. Firstly, it is possible that an individual may perceive to have autonomy if their engagement aligns well with their own personal objectives ( Deci & Ryan, 2000b ). For example