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Amanda J. Visek, Heather Mannix, Avinash Chandran, Sean D. Cleary, Karen A. McDonnell and Loretta DiPietro

. Dwyer , J.J.M. , Allison , K.R. , Goldenberg , E.R. , Fein , A.J. , Yoshida , K.K. , & Boutilier , M.A. ( 2006 ). Adolescent girls’ perceived barriers to participation in physical activity . Adolescence, 41, 75 – 89 . PubMed ID: 16689442 Eccles , J.S. ( 1999 ). The development of

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Dominic Malcolm

) forms as part of a mutually interdependent but frequently antagonistic broader division of labor within the discipline, and to argue that both the need for, and barriers to, public sociology are greater than ever. The notion of public sociology must be understood in relation to concepts such as public

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Derek M.D. Silva, Roy Bower and William Cipolli III

forms that reflect the athlete’s worth as a commodity. Scouting is thus entrenched in power dynamics that actively reaffirm hegemonic ideals and the maintenance of social barriers. In the case of the high-school football athlete seeking recruitment from a big-time collegiate athletics program, this

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Nikolas Dickerson

and subservient black is used as proof that racial barriers no longer exist if individuals adopt proper values ( Neal, 2013 ). At the same time, even though the commodified black athlete is used as a sign of racial progress, this athlete is still often reduced to their body. Abdel-Shehid ( 2005

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Rachel Vaccaro and Ted M. Butryn

prominent barrier collegiate and young elite athletes face when they evaluate their thoughts on seeking help. Sometimes even worse than the feelings toward external stigma are the internalized self-stigmas felt by athletes suffering from mental illnesses ( DeLenardo & Terrion, 2014 ). One key external

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Adam J. White, Stefan Robinson, Eric Anderson, Rachael Bullingham, Allyson Pollock and Ryan Scoats

decisions that affect them in the rugby terrain through structural barriers. Indeed, this is increasingly pertinent given the current social concern around injury and brain trauma within the sporting context ( Mez et al., 2017 , Pollock, White, & Kirkwood, 2017 , White, 2016 , White et al., 2018

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Kari Stefansen, Gerd Marie Solstad, Åse Strandbu and Maria Hansen

.e. the practice of building trust and breaking down interpersonal barriers as a precursor to abuse ( Brackenridge & Fasting, 2005 ; Fasting & Brackenridge, 2005 ; Owton & Sparkes, 2017 ). Still, we agree with Johansson et al. ( 2016 ) that there is a need for studying CASRs within broader contexts of meaning

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Dana K. Voelker and Justine J. Reel

upset the skaters,” but questioned “if that’s even possible.” Ike offered how he would handle these barriers as a coach: I would say “I’ve gathered the profiles of twenty athletes and the average height is this and the average weight is this, the average body size is . . . . Those girls made the

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Christina A. Geithner, Claire E. Molenaar, Tommy Henriksson, Anncristine Fjellman-Wiklund and Kajsa Gilenstam

& Grondin, 2001 ), the popularity of and cultural supports for a sport, and the sport development system affect the likelihood and magnitude of RAEs ( Lidor, Arnon, Maayan, Gershon, & Côté, 2014 ). Barriers and constraints for women in a “male” sport ( Scraton, Fasting, Pfister, & Bunuel, 1999 ) may also

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Gwendolyn M. Weatherford, Betty A. Block and Fredrick L. Wagner

girls in many countries is attributed to barriers including “gender discrimination, lack of confidence, language difficulties, low literacy and lack of time and money” (para. 2). So while the sport industry is rapidly adapting to and growing in terms of digital technologies, there are major challenges