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George B. Cunningham, Na Young Ahn, Arden J. Anderson and Marlene A. Dixon

: Three approaches . Quest, 44 , 210 – 227 . doi:10.1080/00336297.1992.10484051 10.1080/00336297.1992.10484051 Knoppers , A. , & Anthonissen , A. ( 2008 ). Gendered managerial discourses in sport organizations: Multiplicity and complexity . Sex Roles, 58 , 93 – 103 . doi:10.1007/s11199

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Anne Tjønndal

coaches in boxing, and how female boxers perceive these leadership styles. Hence, this article also provides new insights into the complexities of female coach-female athlete coaching dyads in sport. In the next part of the paper, I outline the theoretical framework used to explore meanings of gender and

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Mary Jo Kane and Nicole LaVoi

. doi:10.1123/jsm.25.3.202 10.1123/jsm.25.3.202 Knoppers , A. , & Anthonissen , A. ( 2008 ). Gendered managerial discourses in sport organizations: Multiplicity and complexity . Sex Roles, 58 ( 1–2 ), 93 – 103 . doi:10.1007/s11199-007-9324-z 10.1007/s11199-007-9324-z LaVoi , N.M. ( 2016 a

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Philippe Vonnard and Sébastien Cala

Member in Its Own Right? (1953–1962) Although it was a member of FIFA and of the FIS, the GDR’s position remained fragile due to its place on the margins of the international sports system. Furthermore, the complexity of the GDR issue became even greater in the mid-1950s with the development of the

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Leslee A. Fisher

observations can shed light on the complexity of real-world relationships ( Yin, 2015 ). Skylar points out to Kennedy that while she hasn’t done direct observation of Nassar’s actions—in fact, only the survivors and a handful of others were present during the abuse—she does have public testimony and quotes

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Brian Wilson and Nicolien VanLuijk

are calm, where the complexities of issues and the strategies needed to address the issues are acknowledged, where the needs and perspectives of both sides are at least minimally understood, and where the parties involved demonstrate some degree of patience. The contradiction here is striking between

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Mallory Mann and Vikki Krane

.J. ( 1999 ). Homophobic discourse surrounding the female athlete . Quest, 51 , 355 – 368 . doi:10.1080/00336297.1999.10491691 10.1080/00336297.1999.10491691 Waldron , J. ( 2016 ). It’s complicated: Negotiations and complexities of being a lesbian in sport . Sex Roles, 74 , 335 – 346 . doi:10

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Katelyn Esmonde and Shannon Jette

moralistic understandings of obesity that characterize what Rail ( 2012 ) has termed the “dominant obesity discourse.” 2 However, as has been suggested by a small body of work put forth by scholars seeking to identify the scientific uncertainties, complexities and contradictions in the obesity literature

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Kyle Siler

social construct ( Healey & O’Brien, 2014 ) and coding players into discrete racial categories often will not do justice to the true complexity of a player’s racial background. However, coding results closely approximate similar work ( Allison, Adriene, & Barranco, 2018 ; Lapchick, Fox, Guiao, & Simpson

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Kelsey L. Boulé and Courtney W. Mason

multifaceted than a simplistic urban/rural divide. Instead, these are fluid categories as people who live in urban communities can also come from, or spend time in rural regions, as was the case with several of the participants. This added to the complexity of these discussions and the role the participants