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Christine C. Center, Samuel J. Wilkins, Ross Mathiasen and Adam B. Rosen

Approximately 1.1 million athletes play high school football each year in the United States. 1 The risk of injury related to physical activity is inherent, however, each year approximately four deaths due to brain trauma occur in football athletes. 2 Although rule changes in 1976 decreased the

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articles for this quiz can be found in this issue of IJATT . Choose the best answer for each question. THIS IS JUST A PAPER VERSION FOR YOUR PERUSAL: YOU MUST TAKE THIS QUIZ ONLINE. 1. As noted by Allen et al., an anomalous right coronary artery (ARCA) more often leads to sudden cardiac death than an

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Junga Lee

increase in handgrip strength reduces all-cause mortality by 5% in older adults (>60 years of age). While there is an inverse association between handgrip strength and all-cause mortality, the relationship between the three main causes of death worldwide (cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory

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Scott J. Dankel, Jeremy P. Loenneke and Paul D. Loprinzi

incidence rate of 0.5 cancer-specific deaths per 1000 person months. If the individual was not matched with the National Death Index at the follow-up census measure, they were considered still living. This study was approved by Ethics Review Board of the National Center for Health Statistics, and all

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Dylan Williams

of the NCAA, the passage and repeal of the Sanity Codes, the expansion of the NCAA’s investigative and enforcement procedures, the 1952 Kentucky and the 1987 Southern Methodist death penalties, the inclusion of due process procedures following the Jerry Tarkanian case, and the impact of television

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Young Do Kim and Anthony Weaver

each chapter, Gubar revisits the outrageous incidents of fan misbehavior, violence, and riots at all levels of spectator sports across the globe. Gubar lists quiet a number of unforgettable tragedies of fan violence, such as the nearly beating to death of a San Francisco Giants fan by Los Angeles

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Patrick Abi Nader, Lina Majed, Suzan Sayegh, Ruba Hadla, Cécile Borgi, Zeina Hawa, Lama Mattar, Elie-Jacques Fares, Marie Claire Chamieh, Carla Habib Mourad and Mathieu Bélanger

primary causes of death and disease burden in 2012. 2 Low physical activity (PA) levels and engagement in greater sedentary activities have been used to explain such trends. 1 However, little is known about PA indicators among Lebanese children and youth. This led to the development of Lebanon’s first

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Tom Gibbons

of such examples of external transcendence. I can foresee potential for disabled athletes to be uncomfortable with Grano’s somewhat insensitive classification of them as cyborgs or transhumans. Chapter 5, “The Birth and Death of the National Football League,” discusses the recent crisis over

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Jordan Andre Martenstyn, Lauren Powell, Natasha Nassar, Mark Hamer and Emmanuel Stamatakis

. Mortality Outcomes The primary outcome was risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality. Surviving participants were censored on December 31, 2009 (SHS) and March 31, 2011 (HSE). Primary cause of death was diagnosed and coded according to the International Classification of Diseases and

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Kelly L. Holzberger, Kim Keeley and Martin Donahue

tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, and sudden cardiac death. 3 , 4 For this reason, healthcare providers, especially those caring for active patients, must be educated about the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of SVT. Currently, the literature is lacking case reports demonstrating the effective