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Lisa M. Barnett and J.D. Goodway

the diversity of studies. References Barnett , L.M. , Lubans , D. , Salmon , J. , Timperio , A. , & Ridgers , N.D. ( 2018 ). What is the contribution of actual motor skill, fitness, and physical activity to children’s self-perception of motor competence? Journal of Motor Learning and

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Jordan Deneau, Sean Horton and Paula M. van Wyk

, and built environments. Participants also frequently suggested that health promotion initiatives should implement PAL programs that are better adapted for the diversity among the older adult population. Ben ( active ) believed that current physical activity recommendations are vague and that more

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Iréné Lopez-Fontana, Carole Castanier, Christine Le Scanff and Alexandra Perrot

. Among these potential moderators, the length of physical practice observation and subject sex have received less attention. Despite this, some studies seem to show that both may deserve to be investigated in greater depth in order to better understand the diversity of results regarding the relationship

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Jerraco L. Johnson, Mary E. Rudisill, Peter A. Hastie and Julia Sassi

as early as age as five years of age ( Butterfield, Angell, & Mason, 2012 ; Nelson, Thomas, Nelson, & Abraham, 1986 ) and continue to increase by age eight ( Nelson, Thomas, & Nelson, 1991 ). These elements of utility and diversity make the study of overhand throwing particularly relevant. Indeed

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Urban Johnson and Mark Andersen

contribute toward understanding cultural-diversity issues in sport and that the practice of self-reflection is central to the development of applied sport psychologists. In a follow-up article to the Wylleman et al. ( 2009 ) study, Wylleman and Seiler ( 2016 ) listed challenges that they believed needed to

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Diana Castaneda-Gameros, Sabi Redwood and Janice L. Thompson

, as well as socio-economic and migration backgrounds to represent the diversity of the study population. Phase 1: Quantitative Data Collection Objective assessment of PA and ST PA and ST levels were measured using Actigraph GT3X accelerometers (Actigraph, Pensacola, FL) programmed to record activity

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Munira Abdulwasi, Meena Bhardwaj, Yuka Nakamura, Maha Zawi, Jennifer Price, Paula Harvey and Ananya Tina Banerjee

population in Canada is culturally and ethnically diverse and includes individuals from many different countries and religions. In light of the diversity of South Asian Canadians, little research exists regarding the health behaviors of South Asian Canadians. 3 South Asian Muslim women are a subgroup of

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Ka Man Leung and Pak-Kwong Chung

residential density, land use mix diversity, access to services, street connectivity, infrastructure for walking, indoor facilities for walking, aesthetics, the presence of people, crowdedness, traffic and road hazards, traffic speed, social disorder/littering, crime, and physical barriers for walking. The

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Jason C. Immekus, Franklin Muntis and Daniela Terson de Paleville

, and 1% Asian). This sample is similar to the diversity representation of the school. Further, this school was chosen from the largest public school district of the state of Kentucky because its racial and ethnic representation most closely reflect the diversity of the city where the study was

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Jonathan Miller, Mark Pereira, Julian Wolfson, Melissa Laska, Toben Nelson and Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

of trends in MVPA over this period of rapid change. Further, having 4 waves of data collection allowed us to lag potential determinants of MVPA to establish evidence for temporality of any associations. The diversity of this sample allowed us to examine trends and determinants of MVPA stratified by