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Eric W. MacIntosh and Popi Sotiriadou

, Sotiriadou, & De Bosscher, 2015 ; Sotiriadou, Brouwers, & De Bosscher, 2016 ; Sotiriadou & De Bosscher, 2013 ). In addition to the key role that various stakeholders (e.g., coaches, parents, and peers) have in helping athletes develop within an elite sport system (e.g.,  Bars, Gernigon, & Ninot, 2009

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Marlene A. Dixon and Per G. Svensson

successfully manage the paradox. An SDP organization entering a partnership with a high-performance sport partner, where the introduction of an elite sport logic generates unmanageable frustration among staff members due to the fear of community-based practices and values being replaced by the interests of the

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Thomas Haugen

that academic institutions addressed research questions of limited relevance to the elite sport community and the large majority of scientific studies were performed on young and/or untrained athletes/students. However, we were also challenged by research groups with convincing arguments based on

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Benjamin H. Nam, Sangback Nam, Adam Love, Takuya Hayakawa, Rachael C. Marshall and Kyung Su Jung

( Hong, 2011 ). A primary aim of physical education was to cultivate nationalism, as well as anticommunist and anti-Japanese sentiment ( Hong, 2011 ; Lee, 2015 ). The ways in which physical education was used as a tool to build national identity served a complementary role to elite sport. As previously

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, C., & Reczek, R.W. (2017). The wisdom of some: Do we always need high consensus to shape consumer behavior? Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 36 , 15–35. doi: 10.1509/jppm.14.123 Context, Organization, and Resources: A Model for Leveraging Elite Sport Events to Increase Participation

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Tom Gibbons

legacy in elite sport by focusing primarily on a detailed case study of two NFL commemorative films. Grano (pp. 32-3) suggests a “tension between eternity and succession…characterizes sport” which he contextualises within the broader scope of capitalist production where innovation for consumption leads

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Susanna Kola-Palmer, Samantha Buckley, Gabrielle Kingston, Jonathan Stephen, Alison Rodriguez, Nicole Sherretts and Kiara Lewis

that physical activity confers positive effects on mental health (e.g.,  Harvey, Hotopf, Øverland, & Mykletun, 2010 ), it has also been suggested that experience of performing at an elite sporting level is associated with the potential for negative mental health outcomes. Elite sport is stressful, and

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Alex C. Gang

), Canada (authored by MacIntosh), Germany (authored by Hallmann, Breuer, Disch, Giel, and Nowy), and the United Kingdom (authored by Nauright and Keech), for instance, the focus rests on policy development and its administration to explain the interplay between and development of professional sport, elite

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David Lilley

Brock builds upon its strangeness. He first observes an ethical limitation in the call for good sportsmanship—it produces few clear examples of compassion in elite sport. He then relates compassion to the receipt of mercy, with the narration of disability providing a bodily frame (pp. 106–108). Mercy

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Shona L. Halson and Michele Lastella

sports psychologist) presented a model that discusses 3 drivers of behavioral change, credibility, reliability, and intimacy, all underpinned by trust. 5 In elite sport, credibility is crucial; on one hand there are the necessary qualifications to consider, and on the other hand, and perhaps even more