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Ermis Kyriakides, Niki Tsangaridou, Charalambos Y. Charalambous and Leonidas Kyriakides

.05) 0.04 (0.04) Student level  Context   Initial performance 0.77 (0.02) 0.78 (0.02) 0.75 (0.02) 0.76 (0.02) 0.75 (0.02)   Gender (girls = 0 and boys = 1) 0.14 (0.03) 0.14 (0.03) 0.13 (0.03) 0.13 (0.03) 0.13 (0.03)   Father’s job social status (working class = 0 and middle class = 1) 0.07 (0.03) 0.06 (0

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Erin Strutz, Raymond Browning, Stephanie Smith, Barbara Lohse and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

) were then explored. Bivariate and partial correlations were then run for same-sex dyads versus dyads who were not the same sex, dyads in which the father wore the ACC versus dyads in which the mother wore the ACC, and dyads in which the child was classified as normal weight versus dyads in which the

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Cheryl A. MacDonald

States that hypermasculinity was learned from other men involved in ice hockey (fathers, coaches, professionals) and that it bred homophobia and legitimized the sexual objectification of girls and women. Furthermore, Michael Atkinson states that “the message is perhaps most clear to hockey players; the

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Paulette Stevenson

Arabia because her father expatriated from Saudi Arabia, allowing her to claim dual citizenship. Stories covering Shaherkani focused on her as a traditional Saudi woman, and the major story about her involved how she and her father pushed the IOC to allow her to participate in a hijab. With Attar, the

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Jonathan M. Miller, Mark A. Pereira, Julian Wolfson, Melissa N. Laska, Toben F. Nelson and Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

negatively associated with MVPA, and perceived father’s physical activity, MVPA of female friends, and distance to trails were positively associated with MVPA. The current study extends upon this earlier analysis by examining whether these correlates differ for adolescents from different ethnic

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Trisha Patel and Neeru Jayanthi

circle with the guys and the coaches. Being in a household without a father, [football] pretty much…[gave] him that mentor circle”. A third mother remarked that golf helped her son learn how to interact with adults and that because of it, “[her family] always gets comments on how well [her son] can talk

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Vedrana Sember, Shawnda A. Morrison, Gregor Jurak, Marjeta Kovač, Mojca Golobič, Poljanka Pavletić Samardžija, Mojca Gabrijelčič, Marko Primožič, Tjaša Kotar, Janet Klara Djomba and Gregor Starc

insufficient physical fitness (ACDSi 2013-16). 3 , 4 Contemporary girls have exceeded the levels of physical fitness of their mothers whereas boys are still lagging behind their fathers but are improving. 9 Conclusion The proportion of children and youth who achieve the recommended levels of daily physical

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Richard A. Sille, Martin J. Turner and Martin R. Eubank

; Turner & Barker, 2013 ; Wood et al., 2018 ). Meetings took place in a quiet corner of a local coffee shop. The first session involved me and Tom, with subsequent sessions including his father (see Reflections). The first session was designed to continue the needs-analysis process, foster rapport

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Kristine Bisgaard and Jan Toftegaard Støckel

harassment through text messages and does not want to reveal her sport since both she and her coach are still active in the sport. Louise I grew up with my mother, father, and siblings. It was a very safe and happy childhood. I started doing sports when I was a little girl and when I turned 10, I had become

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Lauren Handler, Emily M. Tennant, Guy Faulkner and Amy E. Latimer-Cheung

perceptions served as one of the multiple realities informing data interpretation. Participants Participants were included in the study if they were parents of children and youth (aged 5–17 years) with disabilities. The terms “parent,” “mother,” and “father” refer to either a biological parent or an