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Øyvind Skattebo, Thomas Losnegard and Hans Kristian Stadheim

safety harness connected to an automatic emergency brake. The rolling friction coefficient ( μ  = 0.021) of the roller skis (Swenor, Sarpsborg, Norway) was tested before, during, and after the experiments 21 and was unchanged during the study. Work rate was calculated as the sum of power against gravity

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Travis J. Peterson and Jill L. McNitt-Gray

, Conshohocken, PA) was secured on top of each force plate to provide frictional characteristics. Figure 1 —Resultant RFh as a percentage of BW (mean [SD]) of 10 trials for rear and target legs during the Normal, Rup, and Tup conditions. The vertical line at t  = 0 s represents ball contact, transition occurs

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Marco J. Konings and Florentina J. Hettinga

opponent is crucial in short-track speed skating competitions and could reduce air frictional losses up to 23%. 31 , 32 Therefore, adjusting your own pacing behavior based on your competitors could provide a clear advantage in short-track speed skating. Whether this has an effect on the influence of the

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José R. Lillo-Bevia and Jesús G. Pallarés

its small size and its low cost (∼$1600 US, far cheaper than the more established laboratory ergometers), it allows cyclists to use their own bicycle by replacing the rear wheel with the Hammer inertial wheel. This device allows the elimination of the friction of the wheel on the brake, significantly

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Rienk M.A. van der Slikke, Annemarie M.H. de Witte, Monique A.M. Berger, Daan J.J. Bregman and Dirk Jan H.E.J. Veeger

, albeit only in 1 direction (adding mass). Finally, additional grip is expected to enhance performance. 7 – 9 It is common practice to use high-friction gloves in wheelchair racing and rugby, but not in wheelchair basketball. Although the use of gloves will probably not find its way into basketball, but

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Joseph Peters, Ian Rice and Tyson Bull

result from unrelieved pressure, shear, friction, and wheelchair design, while associated intrinsic factors include decreased autonomic function, sensory loss, age, body mass index (BMI), and gender. Importantly, the development of PUs can drastically impact an individual’s overall well-being and quality

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Levi Heimans, Wouter R. Dijkshoorn, Marco J.M. Hoozemans and Jos J. de Koning

accompanied changes in required power may be of interest. Therefore, minimizing required power for a team or an individual in a team can contribute to a better performance. Aerodynamic drag is caused by moving through air and can be assigned into a certain amount of friction drag and pressure drag, which

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Hae-rim Han, Chung-hwi Yi, Sung-hyun You, Heon-seock Cynn, One-bin Lim and Jae-ik Son

pain, iliotibial band friction syndrome, and patellofemoral pain syndrome can occur. In addition, delayed onset of GMED activity can occur during stair ambulation. 3 , 4 Individuals with GMED weakness have reported the increase of hip adduction, internal rotation, and knee abduction during day

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Bent R. Rønnestad, Tue Rømer and Joar Hansen

MAS were calculated as the sum of the power against gravity and the power against rolling friction (friction coefficient = 0.0237) at the respective velocities as described previously. 21 HIT Sessions The HIT sessions were performed at a fixed time of day (±1 h) interspersed with 3 to 5 days

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Brock Laschowski, Naser Mehrabi and John McPhee

previous research. 10 , 11 A prismatic kinematic pair was used to model the contact between the curling stone and ice (Figure  2 B); rotations about the vertical axis were omitted. The contact model also included dry Coulomb friction. 9 The multibody biomechanical model has 3 degrees of freedom and is