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James R. Chagdes, Joshua J. Liddy, Amanda J. Arnold, Laura J. Claxton and Jeffrey M. Haddad

only examined AP sway, the predicted CoP errors apply to ML sway as well. This is because the CoP (and CoB) calculated in the AP direction are only a result of vertical force, the torque applied at the foot, and horizontal frictional forces; thus, no amount of ML motion can change the CoP (or CoB

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Thomas Haugen, Gøran Paulsen, Stephen Seiler and Øyvind Sandbakk

higher output values. Hofman et al 46 reported peak power of 18 and 24 W·kg −1 for female and male world-class speed skaters, when performed from a standstill start in a seated position. A limitation associated with the Wingate test is that the load (frictional resistance) is predetermined and

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Ran Zheng, Ilana D. Naiman, Jessica Skultety, Steven R. Passmore, Jim Lyons and Cheryl M. Glazebrook

-emitting diodes during each trial. Recording time was 3 s and the recording frequency was 300 Hz. Using medical tape, a small piece of felt was secured to the tip of the participant’s index finger to reduce the friction between the finger and Plexiglas®. Muscle activity was recorded using a CED 1902 dual system

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Jorge Carlos-Vivas, Jorge Perez-Gomez, Ola Eriksrud, Tomás T. Freitas, Elena Marín-Cascales and Pedro E. Alcaraz

), which consisted of slalom sprinting with 100° COD set at 5-minute intervals. The maximum external load was set to 20% of BM, independent of equipment used, based on previous weighted vest 11 and sled 9 recommendations, as horizontal load was prescribed using the 1080 Sprint ™ . An estimated friction

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Talyene G.C. Corrêa, Stephanie V.S. Donato, Kauê C.A. Lima, Ronaldo V. Pereira, Mehmet Uygur and Paulo Barbosa de Freitas

aluminum plates, covered with sandpaper to increase friction (320 grit) and connected to each other by the uniaxial load cell. Similar to the previous studies of object manipulation ( Lima, Borges, Hatanaka, Rolim, & de Freitas, 2017 ; Uygur, de Freitas, & Jaric, 2010 ), the participants held the

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Brice T. Cleland and Sheila Schindler-Ivens

, Schmit, & Schindler-Ivens, 2009 , 2012 ; Promjunyakul et al., 2015 ). In brief, the pedaling device was a direct drive apparatus constructed of nonmetallic materials that provided a light frictional workload. An MRI-compatible rotary optical encoder (MR318; Micronor Inc., Newbury Park, CA) coupled to

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Erik Trøen, Bjarne Rud, Øyvind Karlsson, Camilla Høivik Carlsen, Matthias Gilgien, Gøran Paulsen, Ola Kristoffer Tosterud and Thomas Losnegard

faster than PL 90% ( P  ≤ .05). Methodology 700-m On-Snow Trial Prior to the trials, the skiers performed a warm-up consisting of 20 minutes of low-intensity skiing, including 3 short periods (20–30 s) with increasing speed. Before the start of every trial, a test of glide friction was performed. 13

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Seth T. Strayer, Seyed Reza M. Moghaddam, Beth Gusenoff, Jeffrey Gusenoff and Kurt E. Beschorner

for D i . The foot-insole contact couple was modeled using an augmented Lagrange frictional contact formulation. It is a penalty-based method that employs a nondimensional stiffness factor between contacting bodies, which helps prevent penetration. Therefore, this approach minimized penetration in

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Dan Goodley

occur in the space between—and in reverberation from each side of the binary relationality—of distinct oppositional positions; Disability–Ability Abnormality–Normality Impaired–Nonimpaired Crip–Normative Disruption–Status Quo Biopsychological–Biopolitical So, my call is for a frictional politics (a

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Milos R. Petrovic, Amador García-Ramos, Danica N. Janicijevic, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Olivera M. Knezevic and Dragan M. Mirkov

overcame the weight and friction force. The roller device had a seat and a footrest, as in a standard K1 boat. The feet were fixed according to the individual anthropometric characteristics with a knee angle of 120° to 130°. The shaft was fixed to the rails with a 50-cm-long rope. The left stroke was