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You Fu and Ryan D. Burns

the number of comparisons) for the primary analyses to adjust for potential type I error inflation. All analyses were carried out using STATA v14.0 statistical software package (StataCorp LLC, College Station, TX). Results Girls in this sample were heavier (mean difference = 4.6 kg, P  = .02) and had

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Alba Reguant-Closa, Margaret M. Harris, Tim G. Lohman and Nanna L. Meyer

a wide range and variety of foods offered to athletes, including a salad bar, along with a full range of starters, main dishes, and a recovery station. This design gives the sport dietitian and athletes different choices of proteins, but it also risks inflation of total protein intake. Nutrition

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Colin D. McLaren and Kevin S. Spink

conflict and, to a lesser degree, with information-exchange communication (see Table  1 for correlations). As such, a decision was made to remove this communication type from further analyses to reduce redundancy in the regression equation and avoid the artificial inflation of standard errors ( Tabachnick

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Nicola Giovanelli, Lea Biasutti, Desy Salvadego, Hailu K. Alemayehu, Bruno Grassi and Stefano Lazzer

inflation (at 300–350 mm Hg), maintained until Δ[deoxy(Hb+Mb)] reached a plateau. Δ[deoxy(Hb+Mb)] kinetics during the incremental tests were fitted by a sigmoid function, as previously presented by other authors and by our group. 14 , 18 Then, we calculated mean values of cardiorespiratory and muscle

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Bethany Forseth and Stacy D. Hunter

relationship as exercise in heated conditions has been associated with higher heart rate responses in the absence of alterations in oxygen consumption. 36 Yoga is an activity in which postures can be held for a minute or longer. This characteristic may result in an inflation in the heart rate response but not

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Gabriel Lozano-Berges, Ángel Matute-Llorente, Alejandro Gómez-Bruton, Alejandro González-Agüero, Germán Vicente-Rodríguez and José A. Casajús

distribution by the Kolmogorov–Smirnov test. Tanner status differences between genders were assessed using the chi-square test. Paired t tests were performed to analyze differences in %BF between equations and DXA. The potential inflation of multiple comparisons was controlled by Bonferroni correction, and

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Nicholas Stanger, Ryan Chettle, Jessica Whittle and Jamie Poolton

; M  = 0.10, SD  = 0.34). Consistent with research that had similar findings (e.g., McCarthy et al., 2013 ), anger and dejection were removed from subsequent analysis. All other variables were normally distributed and there was no evidence of multicollinearity (tolerance >.35, variance inflation

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Liz Wanless and Jeffrey L. Stinson

totaled $390.05 billion, a 2.7% increase from 2015. Individual donations accounted for $281.86 billion in giving in 2016, up 3.9% (2.6% after accounting for inflation). Given that the revenue stream is already a substantial provider to intercollegiate athletic budgets, given that it shows unique potential

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Alison Doherty and Graham Cuskelly

detected. We also reviewed collinearity statistics prior to the interpretation of the regression results; tolerance values of 0.01 or less and variance inflation factor scores over 10.0 would be indicative of multicollinearity among the variables ( Tabachnik & Fidell, 2012 ). Results Organizational

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Masakazu Matsuoka, Hiroshi Kunimura and Koichi Hiraoka

effect and multiple comparison tests were repeated many times. Therefore, we cannot rule out the increase in type I error due to too many repeated tests causing probability inflation and the increase in type II error due to too much alpha adjustment. This limitation may have caused overestimation or