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. palpitations 7. Medications such as beta blockers or calcium channel blockers have been shown to be effective long-term solutions for patients with SVT. a. True b. False 8. In the SVT CASE Report, what was the basketball player’s initial pulse rate recorded by the athletic trainer using a finger pulse oximeter

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TaeYeong Kim, JaeHyuk Lee, SeJun Oh, Seungmin Kim and BumChul Yoon

, we asked all participants about the frequency with which they took their medications and about their experiences consulting with medical doctors or physical therapists regarding LBP in the last 3 months. To avoid bias regarding the effectiveness of the exercises, we asked participants to stop taking

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Meghan Edwards and Paul Loprinzi

probability design. In all models, the following covariates were included age, sex, race/ethnicity, physician-diagnosed hypertension, total- and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol concentrations, body mass index, smoking status, and cholesterol-lowering medication. A multiplicative interaction between MVPA

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Claudio Perret, Debbie Van Biesen, Matthias Strupler, Pia Pit-Grosheide and Yves Vanlandewijck

effectively enhances exercise performance at low or moderate altitudes—corresponding to locations where Paralympic competitions normally take place, some athletes seem to take this medication to potentially improve exercise performance. This fact initiated an increased interest of the anti-doping community in

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Brandon R. Rigby, Ronald W. Davis, Marco A. Avalos, Nicholas A. Levine, Kevin A. Becker and David L. Nichols

. Medications and surgical procedures could help alleviate these symptoms but are often unsuccessful at treating all symptoms and lead to unwanted side effects ( Bloem, Hausdorff, Visser, & Giladi, 2004 ). Habitual exercise may therefore be a useful, inexpensive, and safe option by providing physical and

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Shona L. Halson, Louise M. Burke and Jeni Pearce

Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, in countries such as parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, melatonin is considered a medication and is available on prescription only; however, a nonprescription nutritional supplement form is readily available from pharmacies and

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Ina Garthe and Ronald J. Maughan

supplements are classified as a subcategory of food, manufacturers are not required to provide evidence of product safety and efficacy ( Denham, 2017 ). While medications and drugs are governed by rigid pharmaceutical regulation, based on premarketing authorization and end-product control, dietary supplement

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Kimberlee A. Gretebeck, Caroline S. Blaum, Tisha Moore, Roger Brown, Andrzej Galecki, Debra Strasburg, Shu Chen and Neil B. Alexander

, reinforcement, and managing time Diabetes health education class; topics include reading labels, proper foot care, medication adherence, etc Diabetes health education class; topics include reading labels, proper foot care, medication adherence, etc Second 10 wks: physical activity maintenance Home physical

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Marjan Mosalman Haghighi, Yorgi Mavros and Maria A. Fiatarone Singh

, mmol/mol FBG, mmol/L Medications, % Comorbidities, % BMI, kg/m 2 Waist circumference, cm Ligtenberg et al 23 (1997) 58 34 62 (5) 8 (6) NR NR NR Metformin 34 HBP 70 30.9 (3.6) NR AHA 70 LL 12 Dunstan et al 32 (2002) 36 55.2 67 (5) 8 7.8 (1.0) 61.9 (11.4) 9.4 (2.2) OHA 85.3 HBP 55.5 31.9 (3.7) 104.4 (9

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Leah S. Goudy, Brandon Rhett Rigby, Lisa Silliman-French and Kevin A. Becker

–video release form, and a medical history questionnaire. Control Period All participants completed a 6-week control period in which no SHBR was performed. Participants were asked to maintain their course of medications and outside therapies during this time. The participants were instructed not to perform