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Katherine A. Tamminen, Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock and Courtney Braun

support was .87. Perceived Parental Pressure Athlete perceptions of parental pressure were measured using 9 items from Sport Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale–2 ( Gotwals & Dunn, 2009 ). An example item is “My parents set very high standards for me in my sport.” Athletes rated each statement in a scale

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Kim Gammage, Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Angela Coppola, Thomas Curran, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Luc Martin and Kathleen Wilson

personality characteristics, such as neuroticism and perfectionism. Other potential constellations of risk factors for positive doping attitudes may be the Dark Triad of Machiavellianism (manipulating others and thinking only of oneself), narcissism (having an overinflated view of oneself), and psychopathy

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Sasha Gorrell and Drew A. Anderson

other traits (e.g., perfectionism) that lead to compulsivity, but do not necessarily translate directly to development of ED risk. A third group of runners may be those who report low exercise identity, low compulsivity, and high eating pathology who may be running for motivations more related to ED

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Mallory S. Kobak, Andrew Lepp, Michael J. Rebold, Hannah Faulkner, Shannon Martin and Jacob E. Barkley

pencils with coloring sheets; the block-stacking game, Jenga ® ; and the matching game, Perfection ™ ). At the beginning of the session with an iPad present, a 10-minute familiarization period took place to show the children the aforementioned activities as well as how to utilize the iPad (eg

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Arzu Erden and Murat Emirzeoğlu

and perfectionism play an active role in the prediction of optimal PES. 18 Leibovich et al 19 examined the relationship between personal characteristics and emotional state in adolescents and found that individuals with a high level of flow experience were extrovert and socially active. It may be

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Marianne I. Clark and Matthew W. Driller

participants to potential harm, ( Taylor & Rooney, 2016 ). For example, research on sleep-tracking using commercially available wearables holds the potential to reinforce sleep-related anxiety or perfectionism in some users ( Baron, Abbott, Jao, Manalo, & Mullen, 2017 ). However, given the shifting and

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Chunxiao Li, Lijuan Wang, Martin E. Block, Raymond K.W. Sum and Yandan Wu

-0829.2013.02.003 Wang , J. , & Wang , X. ( 2012 ). Structural equation modeling: Applications using Mplus . Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley/Higher Education Press . 10.1002/9781118356258 Wang , K.T. , Yuen , M. , & Slaney , R.B. ( 2009 ). Perfectionism, depression, loneliness, and life satisfaction: A study of

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Rob J. Rotunda and Stuart Ryan

skills, coping with pressures (e.g., substance abuse), time management and self-discipline (procrastination and perfectionism), problem solving, anger management, assertiveness, maintaining personal safety (avoiding victimization), and encouraging community service and environmental responsibility

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Robert T. Pearson, Timothy Baghurst and Mwarumba Mwavita

. Journal of Contemporary Athletics, 9 ( 3 ), 195 – 210 . Tashman , L.S. , Tenenbaum , G. , & Eklund , R. ( 2010 ). The effect of perceived stress on the relationship between perfectionism and burnout in coaches . Anxiety, Stress, & Coping, 23 ( 2 ), 195 – 212 . doi: 10

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Ken R. Lodewyk

patience; (C) organization, diligence, perfectionism, and prudence; and, (O) creativity, unconventionality, inquisitiveness, and aesthetic appreciation ( Ashton, 2013 ). Those with low values for these dimensions would reflect relatively opposite characteristics to these. Research has reported associations