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Ryan King-White and Adam Beissel

.1177/1527002511422939 10.1177/1527002511422939 Amis , J. ( 2005 ). Interviewing for case study research . In D. Andrews , D. Mason , & M. Silk (Eds.) Qualitative methods in sports studies (pp.  104 – 138 ). Oxford, UK : Berg . Armstrong , E. & Hamiton , T. ( 2015 ). Paying for the party: How college

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Carolyn E. McEwen, Laura Hurd Clarke, Erica V. Bennett, Kimberley A. Dawson and Peter R.E. Crocker

, & Larkin, 2009 ) approach was adopted to examine elite Canadian athletes’ experiences of Olympic team-selection processes. IPA has become an increasingly popular qualitative method in psychology because of its flexibility and applicability that can help enlighten and communicate the experiences of

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Molly Hayes Sauder, Michael Mudrick and Jaime R. DeLuca

occupational segregation” ( Riegle-Crumb et al., 2016 , p. 437) that currently exists in the sport management context. Methods Utilizing qualitative methods, with the specific intent of illustrating how individuals internalize and expound upon their experiences and surroundings ( Merriam, 2009 ), this research

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Colin G. Pennington and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

review indicates, for example, that the OST literature primarily reflects traditional qualitative methods. The integration of quantitative research, including psychometric surveys and more direct measures of assessment such as systematic observation, remains largely underutilized. This represents a gap

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Nikolaus A. Dean

, Snedaker, & Gramlich, 2017 ; Ventresca, 2018 ). As Young ( 2012 ) notably points out, the bulk of knowledge on sport-related injury has been derived from surveys and other quantitative methods. Therefore, by exploring the topic of SRC through the qualitative method of autoethnography, I hope to not only

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Basia Belza, Christina E. Miyawaki, Peg Allen, Diane K. King, David X. Marquez, Dina L. Jones, Sarah Janicek, Dori Rosenberg and David R. Brown

all levels of the social-ecological model (e.g., walkers for intrapersonal; site managers for built environment; program leaders for professional level). Investigators who use a qualitative method are able to probe more deeply when specific interview questions were asked, which a quantitative

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Urska Arnautovska, Frances O’Callaghan and Kyra Hamilton

perspectives via a qualitative paradigm ( Braun & Clarke, 2013 ). Qualitative methods are well suited to help uncover ideas and constructs that are poorly understood or novel, producing rich and complex accounts of the underlying processes impacting individual behavior. Qualitative studies facilitate an

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Matt Hoffmann, Todd Loughead and Jeffrey Caron

-study research . Qualitative Inquiry, 12 , 219 – 245 . doi:10.1177/1077800405284363 10.1177/1077800405284363 Galdas , P. ( 2017 ). Revisiting bias in qualitative research: Reflections on its relationship with funding and impact . International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 16 , 1 – 2 . doi:10

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Maya Maor

role in the military) and sports as a more traditional route for hegemonic masculinity in other Western contexts. Methodology This study combines two qualitative methods: 20 semi-structured interviews with adult men and women who practice and teach diverse types of martial arts in Israel (that reflect

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Eva A. Jaarsma, Damian Haslett and Brett Smith

all qualitative research in a predetermined manner ( Tracy, 2010 ). However, this universal approach to judging rigor is problematized by differing qualitative methods and methodologies that are underpinned by differing metaphysical assumptions ( Smith & McGannon, 2018 ; Williams, Smith