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Avery D. Faigenbaum

greater improvements in sprint measures following power training than trained athletes. As noted by the authors, the lack of foundational eccentric strength and balance in untrained youth may have contributed to the lack of sprint training specificity. Furthermore, the window of opportunity for

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Jeremiah J. Peiffer, Chris R. Abbiss, Eric C. Haakonssen and Paolo Menaspà

training, it would be advantageous for sprinters to focus not only on developing maximal power output but also on their repeated sprint ability to accommodate the stochastic nature of cycling. Finally, sprint training should focus on durations of more than 20 seconds to more accurately represent

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Jake Schuster, Dan Howells, Julien Robineau, Anthony Couderc, Alex Natera, Nick Lumley, Tim J. Gabbett and Nick Winkelman

physiological and anthropometric characteristics of rugby league players during a competitive season . J Strength Cond Res . 2005 ; 19 ( 2 ): 400 – 408 . PubMed doi: 10.1519/14884.1 35. Rumpf M , Lockie R , Cronin J , Jalilvand F . The effect of different sprint training methods on sprint

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Dan Weaving, Nicholas E. Dalton, Christopher Black, Joshua Darrall-Jones, Padraic J. Phibbs, Michael Gray, Ben Jones and Gregory A.B. Roe

change during other modes of training (eg, contact vs noncontact skills training, sprint-training, small-sided games) with additional TL measures and particularly if this influences the relationships with acute (eg, markers of fatigue) and chronic (eg, injury or changes in fitness) training responses

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Gavriil G. Arsoniadis, Gregory C. Bogdanis, Gerasimos Terzis and Argyris G. Toubekis

.jsams.2011.03.002 21459668 23. Thomas K , Brownstein CG , Dent J , Parker P , Goodall S , Howatson G . Neuromuscular fatigue and recovery after heavy resistance, jump, and sprint training . Med Sci Sports Exerc . 2018 ; 50 ( 12 ): 2526 – 2535 . PubMed ID: 30067591 doi:10.1249/MSS

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Carolina F. Wilke, Samuel P. Wanner, Weslley H.M. Santos, Eduardo M. Penna, Guilherme P. Ramos, Fabio Y. Nakamura and Rob Duffield

, de Moraes SM , Leicht AS , Nakamura FY . Effects of additional repeated sprint training during preseason on performance, heart rate variability, and stress symptoms in futsal players: a randomized controlled trial . J Strength Cond Res . 2014 ; 28 ( 10 ): 2815 – 2826 . PubMed ID: 24662230

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Nils Haller, Tobias Ehlert, Sebastian Schmidt, David Ochmann, Björn Sterzing, Franz Grus and Perikles Simon

Playing time No. of intense runs No. of sprints Training distance covered Catapult training load cfDNA Foster TL (RPE × duration) r s  = .61; P  < .0001 r s  = .58; P  < .0001 r s  = .56; P  < .0001 r s  = .46; P  = .0001 r s  = .23; n.s. r s  = .17; n.s. r s  = −.04; n.s. VAS (general perceived

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Carolina F. Wilke, Felipe Augusto P. Fernandes, Flávio Vinícius C. Martins, Anísio M. Lacerda, Fabio Y. Nakamura, Samuel P. Wanner and Rob Duffield

. PubMed ID: 26067492 doi:10.1080/02640414.2015.1056822 10.1080/02640414.2015.1056822 26067492 15. Soares-Caldeira LF , de Souza EA , de Freitas VH , de Moraes SM , Leicht AS , Nakamura FY . Effects of additional repeated sprint training during preseason on performance, heart rate

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Nicki Winfield Almquist, Gertjan Ettema, James Hopker, Øyvind Sandbakk and Bent R. Rønnestad

or running, 54.9 [34.6] h recorded 30 d prior to inclusion) and have been competing in cycling for 5.3 (4.1) years. The cyclists were categorized as performance level 4 to 5, according to De Pauw et al. 23 All participants were accustomed to sprinting on the bike, but did not perform specific sprint

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Alexandra F. DeJong and Jay Hertel

.jbiomech.2016.03.020 27015963 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.03.020 24. Paradisis GP , Bissas A , Cooke CB . Effect of combined uphill-downhill sprint training on kinematics and maximum running speed in experienced sprinters . Int J Sports Sci Coach . 2015 ; 10 ( 5 ): 887 – 897 . doi:10