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Maria Grazia Monaci and Francesca Veronesi

exist in subjective feelings ( Deng, Chang, Yang, Huo, & Zhou, 2016 ). Gender differences would therefore be linked more to expressivity and to a public relational dimension ( Brody, 1999 ; Fischer & Manstead, 2000 ) than to the emotional experience per se ( Kring & Gordon, 1998 ). Consistent with

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Hin Fong Leong, Wing-Kai Lam, Wei Xuan Ng and Pui Wah Kong

equipment and complex data processing procedures are often involved. This makes COP assessment an impractical option for the vast majority of basketball players outside the laboratory environment. Athletes and coaches are inclined to select footwear based on subjective evaluations instead. Thus

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Urska Arnautovska, Frances O’Callaghan and Kyra Hamilton

complexity of influences that can affect health behavior in later life ( Ziegelmann & Knoll, 2015 ), it is vital to capture a comprehensive picture of influences specific to PA in older adults that will reflect their subjective experiences and perspectives about PA. Researchers have recently suggested

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Shani Pitcho-Prelorentzos and Michal Mahat-Shamir

systems for meaningfully understanding their worlds and experiences” (p. 1; for further clarification between the different constructivist approaches see Raskin, 2002 ). Kelly’s (1955/ 1991 ) personal construct psychology suggests that while interacting with the world and others, people subjectively

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David Geard, Amanda L. Rebar, Peter Reaburn and Rylee A. Dionigi

partially attributed to the fact that, until relatively recently, researchers did not invite older adults to help define or assess successful aging ( Phelan, Anderson, Lacroix, & Larson, 2004 ; Strawbridge, Wallhagen, & Cohen, 2002 ). Moreover, success is a subjective term that gerontologists have

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A. Mark Williams and Bradley Fawver

most impactful over the last decade or so was not a straightforward undertaking. The process chosen was inherently subjective, and therefore we duly acknowledge that the material reviewed is partly biased by our own experiences, interests, and established connections with other scientists within this

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Christine M. Habeeb, Robert C. Eklund and Pete Coffee

For athlete–athlete dyads, the partner is an important feature of one’s performance environment ( Kenny, Mohr, & Levesque, 2001 ). The performance of a given task can feel subjectively easier or more difficult depending on the partner. For example, as much as an American football receiver might be

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Sabrina Skorski, Jan Schimpchen, Mark Pfeiffer, Alexander Ferrauti, Michael Kellmann and Tim Meyer

swimmer, and full intake was controlled by the investigator. As most recovery interventions seem to positively influence subjective parameters, a PLAC effect can hardly be eliminated. 27 Following a recent protocol by Broatch et al, 27 a PLAC instead of a control condition was administered, in which

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Junxin Li, Binbin Yang, Miranda Varrasse, Xiaopeng Ji, MaoChun Wu, Manman Li and Kun Li

presents the descriptive analysis of sleep outcomes in detail. Table 2 Descriptive Analysis of Sleep Quality by PSQI Domains Domain score 0 1 2 3 Subjective sleep quality 19 (6.6) 192 (66.2) 69 (23.8) 10 (3.4) Sleep latency 98 (33.8) 83 (28.6) 93 (32.1) 16 (5.5) Sleep duration 114 (39.3) 100 (34.5) 58 (20

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Mitchell J. Henderson, Job Fransen, Jed J. McGrath, Simon K. Harries, Nick Poulos and Aaron J. Coutts

well-being measures (eg, subjective questionnaires), neuromuscular assessments (eg, countermovement jumps), and fatigue indicators (eg, groin squeeze assessments). Although well-being measures have been shown to relate to training load, 11 it is not known whether changes in these variables relate to