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Alison B. Pritchard Orr, Kathy Keiver, Chris P. Bertram and Sterling Clarren

Test (CCTT). Successful performance on the CCTT requires utilization of a variety of EF skills, such as sustained attention, perceptual tracking, sequencing, psychomotor speed, and cognitive flexibility ( Llorente et al., 2003 ). Thus, the CCTT provides a measure of overall EF ability rather than a

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João Breno Ribeiro-Alvares, Maurício Pinto Dornelles, Carolina Gassen Fritsch, Felipe Xavier de Lima-e-Silva, Thales Menezes Medeiros, Lucas Severo-Silveira, Vanessa Bernardes Marques and Bruno Manfredini Baroni

quadriceps and calf muscle injuries, groin/pubis injuries, and anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions seem to be more prone to sustain a hamstring injury. 7 Thus, previous HSIs and a history of injuries in adjacent regions amount to 2 independent HSI risk factors in this study. The reference values for

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James J. Annesi

sustain such changes are unknown. Because only 3 sessions per week of low–moderate PA have been associated with significant initial reductions in negative mood 4 and a dose–response (PA–mood) relationship is not apparent, 5 theories attributing those psychosocial improvements to mostly associated

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Carl G. Mattacola, Carolina Quintana, Jed Crots, Kimberly I. Tumlin and Stephanie Bonin

. We did not quantify liner densities of the tested helmets and therefore did not explore the relationship between liner density and peak headform acceleration. The UOF helmet shell sustained a fracture when impacted against the equestrian hazard anvil. During the UOF helmet right-side impact, the

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Athina Liacos, Angela T. Burge, Narelle S. Cox and Anne E. Holland

interview comments were recorded and subsequently transcribed. Responses to interviews were grouped into major and minor themes. Major themes Four major themes were identified: (a) the importance of regular exercise, (b) acknowledgement that regular exercise requires a sustained lifestyle change, (c

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Donna L. Goodwin and Amanda Ebert

may be actively disavowed; Scully, 2010 ). Ableism, as a network of beliefs and practices, constructs bodies as impaired and the Other who is different, undesirable, and in need of repair or modification ( Campbell, 2001 , 2008 , 2009 ; Hodge & Runswick-Cole, 2013 ). It creates and sustains

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Siobhán O’Connor, Noel McCaffrey, Enda F. Whyte, Michael Fop, Brendan Murphy and Kieran A. Moran

reported. 2 Poor hamstring flexibility has been proposed as a potential risk factor for sustaining a hamstring strain. 7 Sprinting is proposed to be a common mechanism of hamstring injury in field sports such as Gaelic games. 3 The hamstrings experience high loading when they are in a maximal or

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Misia Gervis, Helen Pickford and Thomas Hau

these issues. The risk of injury in professional football is high. Research into injuries sustained in English professional football reported that on average, players suffer from 1.3 injuries per season ( Hawkins & Fuller, 1999 ; Hawkins, Hulse, Wilkinson, Hodson, & Gibson, 2001 ). Moreover, research

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Ellen Freiberger, Elisabeth Rydwik, Astrid Chorus, Erwin Tak, Christophe Delecluse, Federico Schena, Nina Waaler, Bob Laventure and Nico van Meeteren

functioning ( Tak, Kuiper, Chorus, & Hopman-Rock, 2013 ). Challenge: Dissemination and Implementation for Increasing Physical Activity Population-level changes in physical activity, including among older persons, will require public and private partnerships, collaborations and actions sustained, in some cases

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Artur Direito, Joseph J. Murphy, Matthew Mclaughlin, Jacqueline Mair, Kelly Mackenzie, Masamitsu Kamada, Rachel Sutherland, Shannon Montgomery, Trevor Shilton and on behalf of the ISPAH Early Career Network

population levels of PA exist but need to be prioritized and scaled up to achieve the World Health Organization’s targets to reduce physical inactivity levels by 15% by 2030 10 and assist in achieving the United Nations’ (UN) 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs; Figure  1 ). 11 Figure 1 —Links between