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T. Christopher Greenwell, Jason M. Simmons, Meg Hancock, Megan Shreffler and Dustin Thorn

promoting combat sports (i.e., sports featuring more contact and violence than traditional sports), marketers have a variety of options of how to present their sport and their athletes. A primary theme in the promotional build to UFC 173, for example, was the nationality of the two fighters as American

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Melinda A. Solmon

( Ennis, 2014 ), and they enter teacher education programs with the intention of replicating the existing instructional practice. A traditional sport-based multiactivity approach to teaching physical education, especially in secondary school settings, is at the heart of the dissonance between what and how

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Jesualdo Cuevas-Aburto, Ivan Jukic, Jorge Miguel González-Hernández, Danica Janicijevic, Paola Barboza-González, Luis Javier Chirosa-Ríos and Amador García-Ramos

redistribute the total rest time of traditional (TR) set structures to include shorter and more frequent rest intervals. 9 This strategy, known as rest redistribution (RR), can maintain velocity and power output within individual sets compared with TR sets. 10 – 12 Furthermore, a recent study investigated

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Emma Seal and Emma Sherry

reading of micro-level interactions that can disrupt traditional gendered relations. The paper is structured as follows: first, we present a review of research literature, including critiques of current work and the efficacy of SFD programs to enact meaningful changes for women and girls. We then provide

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Doo Jae Park, Na Ri Shin, Synthia Sydnor and Caitlin Clarke

the music—the traditional Korean lyrical folk song Arirang (아리랑) that accompanied their entry. Min and Gamelin were perhaps not the first to use folk music in an Olympic ice dance program. Their musical accompaniment, however, came to define (for spectators and later, in wider popular culture) their

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Justin B. Hollander, Ann Sussman, Peter Lowitt, Neil Angus and Minyu Situ

Traditional transportation planning tends to focus on the mobility of vehicles rather than on opportunities to encourage the use of sustainable transport modes, like walking. Today, transportation planning focuses on the newest ways to balance the sustainable relationship between human beings and

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Monna Arvinen-Barrow, Nathan Maresh and Jennifer Earl-Boehm

, while also providing the desired subtle and indirect psychological support, is through the introduction of active video games (AVG) as an adjunct to, or replacement for, traditional treatment modality during rehabilitation. Albeit conducted predominantly with elderly populations receiving balance

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Matthew A. Grant, Gordon A. Bloom and Jordan S. Lefebvre

, when, and how” (p. 4). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine mentor and mentee perceptions of the viability of a pilot e-mentoring programme for U.S. lacrosse (USL) coaches. Specifically, researchers explored whether e-mentoring could be an alternative for traditional, face

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Ben Larkin, Brendan Dwyer and Chad Goebert

phenomenon for athlete brand management. Literature Review Fantasy Sport as a Complement to Traditional Team and Player Fandom Dating back more than 15 years, research on fantasy sport has addressed such issues as common motives for participating in the activity (e.g.,  Dwyer & Kim, 2011 ; Lee, Seo, & Green

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James Du, Heather Kennedy, Jeffrey D. James and Daniel C. Funk

participants evaluate their overall experience by examining the benefits sought and acquired throughout the event lifecycle, including experiences outside of traditional managerial control leading up to the race-day competition (e.g., social interaction facilitated through preparing and training prior to