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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Cheryl R. Rode and Robin Hardin

Faculty Reports of Frequency and Distress of Student Incivility/Bullying and Aggression This inventory consists of 31 uncivil, bullying, or aggressive behaviors and how distressed the behaviors make the respondent feel. These behaviors were included in the inventory after careful comparison with previous

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Jules Woolf, Jess C. Dixon, B. Christine Green and Patrick J. Hill

stories that worried Jacobs. He knew from Girard that there had been some complaints about Scott (and others) in the past regarding accusations of swearing and aggressive behavior. But he thought those events were behind the DAR. Even after Côté resigned, Jacobs had sought out Associate Athletic Director

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Ben Larkin and Janet S. Fink

negatively on the individual. We turn our attention to this idea in the following section. Team Identification and Aggression Team identification has long been associated with aggressive behavior as a coping strategy leveraged by sport fans. Wann and Branscombe ( 1990 ) noted that when highly identified fans

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Wonseok Jang, Yong Jae Ko, Daniel L. Wann and Daehwan Kim

, Mead, & Ariely, 2011 ), creative ( Price & Yates, 2015 ), and aggressive behaviors (e.g., Stucke & Baumeister, 2006 ). In addition, research has shown that energy influenced ability to perform cognitively oriented tasks (e.g., Choi & Fishbach, 2011 ) and SWB, such as life satisfaction (e.g., Kasser

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Akira Asada and Yong Jae Ko

literature has focused primarily on positive aspects of sport socialization, it could also cause negative results in society. When sports fans gather together, they sometimes exhibit aggressive behaviors, including verbal abuse, fighting, assault, vandalism, and riot ( Russell, 2004 ; Spaaij, 2014 ). For

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Tywan G. Martin, Jessica Wallace, Young Ik Suh, Kysha Harriell and Justin Tatman

to the head ( Laskas, 2009 ). A more recent study of former NFL players diagnosed 110 of the 111 brains examined with CTE ( Mez et al., 2017 ). Former NFL players linked to the diagnosis of CTE have suffered from symptoms such as depression, memory loss, and aggressive behavior. Although CTE is of

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Bram Constandt, Els De Waegeneer and Annick Willem

, L.M. ( 2007 ). Aggressive behavior in professional ice hockey: A cross-cultural comparison of North American and European born NHL players . Psychology of Sport and Exercise , 8 ( 4 ), 567 – 583 . doi:10.1016/j.psychsport.2006.06.006 10.1016/j.psychsport.2006.06.006 Giessner , S. , & van

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Yongjin Hwang, Khalid Ballouli, Kevin So and Bob Heere

.J. , & Baldassaro , R. ( 2007 ). Longer you play, the more hostile you feel: Examination of first person shooter video games and aggression during video game play . Aggressive Behavior, 33 ( 6 ), 486 – 497 . PubMed doi:10.1002/ab.20227 10.1002/ab.20227 Cauberghe , V. , & De Pelsmacker , P. ( 2010

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Brendan O’Hallarn, Stephen L. Shapiro, Marion E. Hambrick, D.E. Wittkower, Lynn Ridinger and Craig A. Morehead

are disinclined to do so. They cited aggressive behavior by Twitter users, the difficulty of debate because of the brevity of the posts, and a desire to use the platform passively, to “see what everyone else is saying.” These responses speak to two of the inhibitors to public sphere-like debate