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Emmanuel Frimpong, Joanne A. McVeigh and Rebecca M. Meiring

( Ostir et al., 2006 ; Salaffi, Carotti, & Grassi, 2005 ). The most cost-effective treatment for advanced knee OA is total knee arthroplasty (TKA) ( Kim et al., 2011 ; Schache, McClelland, & Webster, 2014 ). TKA is considered as a treatment option after all conservative treatment measures have been

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Roger J. Paxton, Jeri E. Forster, Matthew J. Miller, Kristine L. Gerron, Jennifer E. Stevens-Lapsley and Cory L. Christiansen

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of chronic disability in the United States ( Dillon, Rasch, Gu, & Hirsch, 2006 ). To alleviate OA-related knee pain, more than 700,000 total knee arthroplasties (TKAs) are performed annually ( Kurtz, Ong, Lau, Mowat, & Halpern, 2007 ), with more

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Tsuyoshi Saida, Masayuki Kawada, Daijiro Kuroki, Yuki Nakai, Takasuke Miyazaki, Ryoji Kiyama and Yasuhiro Tsuneyoshi

function and relates to gait performance; thus, it may be a suitable tool to use for evaluating gait function in patients with knee OA ( Barden, Clermont, Kobsar, & Beauchet, 2016 ). Many patients with knee OA undergo total knee arthroplasty (TKA) to regain lower-extremity function. Improved knee function

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Elaine Trudelle-Jackson, Emerenciana Hines, Ann Medley and Mary Thompson

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a frequent cause of mobility disability commonly treated with total knee arthroplasty (TKA) to alleviate symptoms. 1 The number of TKA surgeries performed in the United States is predicted to rise to 3.48 million per year by 2030. 2 Although TKA is considered as a

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Ibrahim M. Altubasi

of association between the self-selected 10-m walking speed and NSA asymmetry. The clinical significance of the asymmetry of the femoral NSA between both sides might be in the preoperative planning of the magnitude of the angle between the neck and stem of the prosthesis in total hip arthroplasty

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José Messias Rodrigues da Silva, Marcia Uchoa de Rezende, Tânia Carvalho Spada, Lucila da Silva Francisco, Helenilson Pereira dos Santos, Robson de Andrade Souza, Júlia Maria D'Andréa Greve and Emmanuel Gomes Ciolac

functional performance and altered lower limb loading distribution commonly observed in older subjects with total knee arthroplasty or KOA. 21 , 22 On the other hand, regular practice of exercises has been reported as a safe and effective intervention to improve functional performance, lower limb loading

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Jaclyn Megan Sions, Elisa Sarah Arch and John Robert Horne

rehabilitation . Can J Diabetes . 2016 ; 40 : 336 – 341 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.jcjd.2016.02.003 27052673 10.1016/j.jcjd.2016.02.003 50. de Groot IB , Bussmann HJ , Stam HJ , Verhaar JA . Small increase of actual physical activity 6 months after total hip or knee arthroplasty . Clin Orthop Relat

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Daniël M. van Leeuwen, Fabian van de Bunt, Cornelis J. de Ruiter, Natasja M. van Schoor, Dorly J.H. Deeg and Kaj S. Emanuel

-contraction during walking before and after arthroplasty for knee osteoarthritis . Clinical Biomechanics, 27 ( 5 ), 485 – 494 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2011.11.006 10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2011.11.006 Folland , J.P. , & Williams , A.G. ( 2007 ). Methodological issues with the interpolated twitch

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Kerry E. Costello, Janie L. Astephen Wilson and Cheryl L. Hubley-Kozey

obtained from all participants. Individuals who had previously undergone or were waitlisted for a total knee arthroplasty or high tibial osteotomy on the study leg, or who had cardiovascular, neuromuscular, or musculoskeletal conditions that affected gait or safety were excluded. Eighty-five individuals

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Odessa Addison, Monica C. Serra, Leslie Katzel, Jamie Giffuni, Cathy C. Lee, Steven Castle, Willy M. Valencia, Teresa Kopp, Heather Cammarata, Michelle McDonald, Kris A. Oursler, Chani Jain, Janet Prvu Bettger, Megan Pearson, Kenneth M. Manning, Orna Intrator, Peter Veazie, Richard Sloane, Jiejin Li and Miriam C. Morey

and Physical Activity, 23 ( 2 ), 314 – 322 . doi:10.1123/japa.2013-0236 10.1123/japa.2013-0236 Mizner , R.L. , Petterson , S.C. , Clements , K.E. , Zeni , J.A. , Jr. , Irrgang , J.J. , & Snyder-Mackler , L. ( 2011 ). Measuring functional improvement after total knee arthroplasty