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Mark L. Shik

The population of reticulospinal neurons of the hindbrain receives input from several brain regions and activates spinal interneurons that assemble stepping. Axons of these reticulospinal neurons descend in the ventral part of the lateral funiculus. Axons of certain spinal neurons form the “stepping strip” in the dorsal part of the lateral funiculus. Stimulation of this strip elicits stepping via particular spinal neurons that send their axons to the ventral part of the lateral funiculus. Neurons of these two types form the propriospinal system capable of activating spinal interneurons that assemble stepping.

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Kellie C. Huxel Bliven

during his tenure was particularly memorable and gratifying. These issues were logistically challenging and sometimes downright frustrating to assemble; however, they were well worth the positive impact the end products have had on the field. Although Carl has decided to pass the baton to the next Editor

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Ricardo Pires, Thays Falcari, Alexandre B. Campo, Bárbara C. Pulcineli, Joseph Hamill and Ulysses Fernandes Ervilha

criterion was adopted because the first coefficients in the DWT correspond to the complete group of coefficients within resolution levels. For each of these sequences of coefficients, the corresponding vectors for training an SVM were assembled, and because at any time we always compared 2 classes (rearfoot

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Joseph J. Crisco, Nikolas J. Osvalds and Michael J. Rainbow

square retroreflective markers (13 × 13 mm). Testing was held indoors at the Brown University Athletic Center (Providence, RI) over a 2-day session. A portable batting cage was assembled (15.2 × 3.0 × 4.3 m) on the gymnasium floor. A pitching machine (Iron Mike MP5; Master Pitching Machine, Kansas City

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Cameron T. Gibbons, Polemnia G. Amazeen and Aaron D. Likens

predict that self-selection of foot placement may help participants to improve postural stability because they are permitted to assemble a true synergy that reflects their physical characteristics and mental state. Following Bernstein, we expect that participants will stabilize posture by rotating the

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Andrew D. Nordin and Janet S. Dufek

condition mean ± standard deviation). In contrast to Nordin and Dufek, 16 during single-case PCA, we assembled matrices by placing the z-score converted time series variables from each trial on a separate row, creating 108 × 101 dimension matrices for each participant in each condition (9 trials × 12

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Mark L. Latash

projecting on M1 neurons. Based on the observation of diffuse neuromodulatory projections to M1, it has been suggested that a relatively small number of modulatory control units provide sufficient flexibility to produce a variety of actions and to assemble novel movements from previously learned primitives

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Edson Filho

in juggling. Juggler 3 (J3) was 29 years old and had 7 years of experience in juggling. To perform the interactive task described below, the jugglers were assembled into three different dyadic teams (i.e., J1–J2, J1–J3, J2–J3). Noteworthy, dyadic juggling has been used as a platform to study shared

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Seth T. Strayer, Seyed Reza M. Moghaddam, Beth Gusenoff, Jeffrey Gusenoff and Kurt E. Beschorner

(eg, the hallux). Thus, ulcers in the heel are considered a viable candidate for this type of insole. The model was then imported and assembled in ANSYS ® Workbench. The bone and insole components were modeled using linear elastic, homogenous, and isotropic material properties (Table  1 ). The soft

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Alison B. Pritchard Orr, Kathy Keiver, Chris P. Bertram and Sterling Clarren

. All students received training by kinesiology faculty and occupational therapists from the FVCDC on best practice in working with children with FASD. A parent advisory committee was assembled prior to the onset of the intervention, which consisted of both parents and a representative from the BC FASD