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Scott Westfall

coach–athlete relationships. This phase of the turnaround is very early, and although the team now has a new leader, there is still much work to be done before the program can expect to show any signs of improvement. The second step, “Assemble a Staff,” is an important stage, as it establishes the

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Ken Martel

Despite significant advances in the development and performance of United States-born hockey players since the 1970s, room for improvement remains, especially when one compares the U.S. to its top international competition, much of which succeeds at the Olympic and World Championship level with dramatically smaller pools of talent from which to assemble its elite teams. USA Hockey sought to address this performance discrepancy and fulfill the full potential of American hockey through creation and implementation of its American Development Model (ADM), a nationwide reinvention of how hockey was taught at the grassroots level. Based on long-term athlete development principles and founded on sport science and proven child development best practices, the ADM represents a revolution in athlete and coach development. This paper explores the research that helped create USA Hockey’s ADM, along with the initiative’s methodology, execution and early outcomes.

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Ronald J. Maughan

In May 2017, the Medical and Scientific Commission of the International Olympic Committee assembled a panel of experts at their offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, to discuss the role of dietary supplements in the life of the high-performance athlete. Participants were selected because of their

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Jim Denison

essay they’ll write that I’ve broken into three stages, each worth 10 percent, that they’ll then assemble into a final paper worth 50 percent. Despite their furrowed brows my students seem comfortable responding to the questions I posed to them. I suspect it’s because they sense where I’m going with all

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Judy L. Van Raalte, Lorraine Wilson, Allen Cornelius and Britton W. Brewer

the mask with the water level above the eyes and then clearing the mask, and removing the mask, waiting 1 minute, and replacing and clearing the mask On arrival for each pool training sessions, participants changed clothes, retrieved equipment from the SCUBA storage closet, assembled gear on deck, and

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Mònica Solana-Tramunt, Jose Morales, Bernat Buscà, Marina Carbonell and Lara Rodríguez-Zamora

so as not to disturb the athletes and their preparations for the World Championship. It was accordingly not possible to ensure quiet stationary conditions to assemble more than 2 weeks of HRV measurements. 11 , 12 Moreover, we had to divide the team into 2 groups according to the menstrual phase

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Robyn F. Madden, Kelly A. Erdman, Jane Shearer, Lawrence L. Spriet, Reed Ferber, Ash T. Kolstad, Jessica L. Bigg, Alexander S.D. Gamble and Lauren C. Benson

) played in the SC; thus, 2 teams of 12 or 13 players were assembled. The coach blew the whistle every 30 seconds or at a reasonable stopping point for the SC (ie, not if someone was about to score a goal), and players rotated in a 2-on-2 manner throughout the periods. The SC trials were videotaped (Vixia

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Martin J. Turner, Gillian Aspin, Faye F. Didymus, Rory Mack, Peter Olusoga, Andrew G. Wood and Richard Bennett

to the four CBTs, two practitioners bring expertise in motivational interviewing (MI; Miller & Rollnick, 2013 ), a counseling approach presented as a valuable adjunct to CBT. The first author assembled the practitioner team by contacting prominent experts in each of the selected approaches. Once the

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Kyle Paquette and Pierre Trudel

, and have helped to assemble together a few additional pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is the coach education literature. Notes 1 The summarized research from which the LCPs were constructed can be found in Alexander and Murphy ( 1998 ), Cornelius-White ( 2007 ), Kanfer and McCombs ( 2000 ), Lambert

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Anna Stodter and Christopher J. Cushion

learn best, I think one of the things is they have to have a bank of experiences to call upon and then our job, for me, is to try and put it in the context of those experiences” was coded as ‘relate to learners’ existing experience’. These codes were assembled together as aspects of an initial theme