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Anna Bjerkefors, Johanna S. Rosén, Olga Tarassova and Anton Arndt

least 1 year. All para-kayak athletes were classified by international classifier teams from the International Canoe Federation. In total, 12 para-athletes were classified as KL1 (impairment type: impaired muscle power n = 12; health condition: spinal cord injury n = 12), 11 as KL2 (impairment types

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Christopher P. Tomczyk, George Shaver and Tamerah N. Hunt

white (53%). The average age was 18 y, and all participants were chosen based on whether they completed the baseline PAI and CRI. Participants consisted of 70 male college-aged athletes participating in judo, canoe/kayak, swimming, and tennis. The average age was 20.3 y (SD = 0.95). Individual

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Francisco J. Vera-Garcia, Diego López-Plaza, Casto Juan-Recio and David Barbado

each situation based on their reliability, specificity, cost, and availability. For example, the Stable and Unstable Sitting Test could be used in high-performance settings in sports with great trunk stability demands while sitting, like kayaking or canoeing, 9 and the Biering-Sørensen Test could be

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Johanna S. Rosén, Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey, Keith Tolfrey, Anton Arndt and Anna Bjerkefors

Para Vaʼa is a canoeing sport performed in a Polynesian outrigger canoe, propelled by a single-blade paddle on flat or open water, by athletes with physical impairments. Para Vaʼa makes its debut as a Paralympic sport at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games after the International Paralympic Committee

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Samuel Lins, Cynthia F. Melo, Sara G. Alves and Rúben L. Silva

, visual, intellectual and auditory deficiencies), athletes of 17 different sports: swimming ( N  = 34), athletics ( N  = 25), basketball ( N  = 13), soccer ( N  = 9), rugby ( N  = 9), weightlifting ( N  = 9), volleyball ( N  = 8), canoeing ( N  = 7), archery ( N  = 7), tennis ( N  = 7), cycling ( N  = 6

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Jay Johnson, Michelle D. Guerrero, Margery Holman, Jessica W. Chin and Mary Anne Signer-Kroeker

intervention strategies. Table 2 Percentage of Participants Who Participated in Hazing Prevention and Intervention Strategies Members of the group participate in community service 60.23 Members of the group participate in challenging activities together (rope courses, canoe trip) 38.62 Members of the group go

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Nima Dehghansai and Joseph Baker

( n  = 30), wheelchair basketball or basketball ( n  = 22), swimming ( n  = 22), ski or snowboard ( n  = 21), soccer or goalball 2 ( n  = 17), cycling ( n  = 11), and canoe or kayak ( n  = 11). On average, athletes started participation in their main sport at the age of 12.62 ( SD  = 7.54) years

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J.D. DeFreese and Alan L. Smith

.K. , Appleton , P.R. , & Murray , J.J. ( 2010 ). Perfectionism and burnout in canoe polo and kayak slalom athletes: The mediating influence of validation and growth-seeking . The Sport Psychologist, 24 ( 1 ), 16 – 34 . doi: 10.1123/tsp.24.1.16 Isoard-Gautheur , S. , Guillet-Descas , E. , Gaudreau

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Breanna Drew and James Matthews

, canoeing, and equestrian) were also invited to part in the study via the university’s elite athlete academy programme. Of the 331 student-athletes who were approached to take part, 185 (M = 20.77 years of age; SD = 2.50; 35% female) met the criteria, agreed to participate and completed study measures

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Krystn Orr, Katherine A. Tamminen, Shane N. Sweet, Jennifer R. Tomasone and Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos

, with sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, canoeing, and archery … . Most of my (variety in) physical activity has come from joining other things.” For Yash, participation in a multisport program, in which each week and within each session a different sport is practiced, provided him the opportunity to