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Andrew P. Hill, Howard K. Hall, Paul R. Appleton and Jemma J. Murray

Recent research suggests that validation-seeking and dimensions of perfectionism may be antecedents of athlete burnout. The present investigation examined whether validation and growth-seeking mediate the relationship between self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism and burnout. One-hundred and fifty canoe polo and kayak slalom athletes recruited from the top two divisions in the UK completed measures of validation and growth-seeking (GOI), perfectionism (HMPS), and athlete burnout (ABQ). Analyses supported the mediating role of validation-seeking in the relationship between socially prescribed perfectionism and burnout. However, while bivariate correlations indicated that self-oriented perfectionism was positively related to both validation and growth-seeking, neither mediated the self-oriented perfectionism-burnout relationship. The findings suggest that validation-seeking may be an important psychological factor in the development of burnout for athletes exhibiting high levels of socially prescribed perfectionism. The relationship between self-oriented perfectionism and athlete burnout remains unclear because of its association with multiple motives and with socially prescribed perfectionism.

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Andrew C. Sparkes and Sarah Partington

Narrative practice is an approach that enables researchers to alternately focus on the whats and hows of meaningful social interaction. The potential benefits of utilizing this approach in sport psychology are highlighted by focusing on the area of flow as an exemplar. It is suggested that the majority of work on flow has focused on the whats rather than on the equally important hows of this phenomenon. To illustrate the ways in which a concern for the hows of narrative practice can provide different insights into flow, data are provided from an interview-based study of a white water canoeing club. The findings suggest that describing flow is a relational performance, which is shaped by a number of narrative resources and auspices that operate differently according to gender.

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Colin J. Lewis, Simon J. Roberts, Hazel Andrews and Rebecca Sawiuk

’s football, bobsleigh, cycling, and canoeing teams). With the evidence cited previously from the case of Larry Nassar in the USA, perhaps further training is needed. Despite the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) and the Equality Act (2010) in the UK, there are still examples of inequality in which women have to

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Dawn C. Mackey, Alexander D. Perkins, Kaitlin Hong Tai, Joanie Sims-Gould and Heather A. McKay

, and ice hockey. d Includes hiking, canoeing, jogging, pool walking, boxing, chair exercises at home, kayaking, skating, skip rope, snow shoeing, tennis, and treadmill at home. Destinations most commonly selected for active transportation in personal action plans were parks ( n  = 10, 36%), cities ( n

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Milena M. Parent, Michael L. Naraine and Russell Hoye

, it’s not as highly contested as running for public office or anything like that, but there is a level of performance expected from our volunteers.” (Canoe Kayak Canada representative) “The Executive Board or Congress may, from time to time, establish committees (standing and [ad hoc]), and

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Geoffrey T. Burns, Kenneth M. Kozloff and Ronald F. Zernicke

canoeing, crew, riding, swimming, and sailing All activities except archery, canoeing, riding, shuffle-board, weight lifting Badminton, baseball/softball, basketball, dance, football, handball, hockey, lacrosse, racquetball, speedball, speedaway, squash, tennis, and track and field Basketball, dance

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Geoffrey M. Hudson and Kyle Sprow

limit the opportunity for many to participate in structured exercise programs, they have also increased potential opportunities for leisure-time physical activity such as family walks, hiking, canoeing, gardening, yard maintenance, and other outdoor activities. Traditional aerobic endurance activities

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Michelle Hayes, Kevin Filo, Caroline Riot and Andrea Geurin

.55 Event  Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 1 1.89  Archery World Championships 1 1.89  Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games 5 9.43  Athletics World Championships 10 18.87  Aquatic (FINA) World Championships 3 5.66  Beach Volleyball World Championships 2 3.77  Canoe Sprint World Championships 1 1

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Jay Johnson, Michelle D. Guerrero, Margery Holman, Jessica W. Chin and Mary Anne Signer-Kroeker

intervention strategies. Table 2 Percentage of Participants Who Participated in Hazing Prevention and Intervention Strategies Members of the group participate in community service 60.23 Members of the group participate in challenging activities together (rope courses, canoe trip) 38.62 Members of the group go

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Kwame J.A. Agyemang, Brennan K. Berg and Rhema D. Fuller

Shooting: 3 Sailing: 3  Boxing: 3 Canoeing: 2 Cycling: 2  Diving: 2 Equestrian: 2 Gymnastics: 2  Modern Pentathlon: 2 Water Polo: 2 Weightlifting: 2  Wrestling: 2 Basketball: 1 Fencing: 1 All the athletes were asked to describe in detail their awareness of possible protests being discussed prior to the