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Sebastián Feu, Javier García-Rubio, Antonio Antúnez and Sergio Ibáñez

Sport and Coaches in Spain Spain is a modern nation, organized administratively in regions. The national government in the first place and the regional ones, in second place, have the authority to regulate or develop laws related to sport. The sports in schools are regionally organized, though

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Brock McMullen, Hester L. Henderson, Donna Harp Ziegenfuss and Maria Newton

When the relationship between a coach and an athlete is regarded as coach-athlete centered, one can gain a better understanding of coaching effectiveness and the relationship that is developed between the two parties, while also realizing the two cannot exist in isolation and need one another to

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Ciria Margarita Salazar C., Pedro Julian Flores Moreno, José Encarnación Del Río Valdivia, Lenin Tlamatini Barajas Pineda, Julio Alejandro Gómez Figueroa and Martha Patricia Pérez López

The purpose of this paper is to describe the profile of coaching and coach education in Mexico. Mexico currently plays a prevailing sport role at a Pan-American level. Five types of coaches exist in Mexico: professional, amateur, personal or private, schooling and plainspeople. Each one is defined by the scopes, knowledge and its application, and sporting results achieved. The development of Mexican coaches is based on a traditional training model. It is important that coach developers in Mexico observe the progresses of countries that have advanced in the development of academic improvement programs and coach development opportunities offered through institutes of higher education.

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Tshepang Tshube and Stephanie J. Hanrahan

The purpose of this paper is to present the status of coaching in Botswana, particularly in terms of key developments in policies and practice. A brief overview of Botswana’s political, cultural, and geographical environments and economic status will be presented first to contextualize coaching and

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Bettina Callary, Scott Rathwell and Bradley W. Young

Coach education programs are increasingly moving away from a ‘beginner’ to ‘expert’ continuum, and instead recognizing the influence of the coaching context in providing coaches with the education that they seek ( Rodrigue, He, & Trudel, 2016 ). The International Sport Coaching Framework (ISCF) 1

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Kyle Paquette, Pierre Trudel, Tiago Duarte and Glenn Cundari

Despite coach learning being a contested concept ( Mallett, Trudel, Lyle, & Rynne, 2009 ) with a variety of theoretical perspectives and conceptual lenses offered for its understanding ( Jones, 2006 ; Nelson, Groom, & Potrac, 2016 ), the sport coaching literature appears to be progressively

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Amy Price, Dave Collins, John Stoszkowski and Shane Pill

Coaching games players is a particularly challenging process given the dynamic and complex nature of game play where interaction between players, skills, strategies, space and rules (to name but a few) influence how individuals and the team respond to any given situation ( Grehaigne & Godbout, 2014

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Kyle Paquette and Pierre Trudel

The complexities of learning and sport coaching have both been widely accepted notions and central themes to their respective literatures for decades (e.g.,  Rogers, 1969 ; Smith, Smoll, & Hunt, 1977 ). Despite being equipped with these fundamental understandings, programs designed to educate

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Pete Van Mullem and Chris Croft

Collegiate coaching in the United States is highly competitive, with over 557,000 collegiate athletes competing across 1,348 four-year intercollegiate universities and colleges ( National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics [NAIA], 2020 ; National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA], 2020

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Niall O’Regan and Seamus Kelly

Building on previous research that explored coaching and coach education in Ireland ( Chambers & Gregg, 2016 ), this article provides a history of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and coach education in Ireland. An overview of coach education in Ireland precedes how UEFA policy documents