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Brian McNamara

This study sought to identify factors associated with computer resistance for employees within subsets of three segments of the sport industry. Seven hypotheses were developed to test the relationship between computer resistance and various independent variables, including assorted demographic factors and an employee’s background. Prior hands-on computer experience was the most important determinant of the extent of computer resistance. Another important determinant was age, with younger employees being less computer resistant than older employees. Other characteristics associated with computer resistance included number of years in present employment and exposure to computer education.

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Brett Hutchins, David Rowe and Andy Ruddock

MyFootballClub (MFC) is a popular computer game, Web site, online networking experiment, business model, and an actual soccer club. This article uses MFC to address the question of how networked media sport is reshaping the media sports cultural complex (Rowe, 2004). Our aim is to show how the professionalization and mediatization of sport has created a longing to reconstruct a kind of communitas around supporter participation in the ownership and running of their team. We conclude by suggesting that it is now time to think less in terms of the longstanding relationship between sport and media, and more about sport as media given the increasing interpenetration of digital media content, sport, and networked information and communications technologies.

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David R. Bassett, Patty S. Freedson and Dinesh John

is advances in data-management platforms. With research-grade accelerometers, researchers traditionally had to retrieve the devices from participants, download the data to a computer, and then write software to convert the acceleration data into physical activity outcomes. Today, software programs

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Diane M. Culver, Erin Kraft, Cari Din and Isabelle Cayer

, technology has been used for meeting digitally. The original platform used was the learning management system, D2L. This platform proved too challenging for members working from government computers and devices early on (this is discussed in more detail below). At the second face-to-face summit, the

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Rachel Allison

sponsor given sports, with all but a few sports with very low numbers (like fencing) included. Of 1,026 NCAA member schools selected to participate randomly via computer program, 620 schools participated, for an institutional response rate of 60%. Selected schools were asked to survey up to three of their

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Kelsey Dow, Robert Pritchett, Karen Roemer and Kelly Pritchett

to replicate their dietary intake from the first trial for the second trial to control for differences in diet. Intake was analyzed using a computer software program to determine total energy (kilocalories), carbohydrate (grams), protein (grams), and fat (grams) intake (ESHA Food Processor, v. 10

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Marianne I. Clark and Holly Thorpe

complex ways in which the Fitbit motherhood entanglement spans temporalities and spacialities. Importantly, the Fitbit became but one part of a complex entanglement involving human and non-human bodies, a range of other technologies (i.e., smart phones and computers), and mobile messaging apps through

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Jenny Meggs, Mark Chen and Danielle Mounfield

.2224/sbp.2001.29.4.375 Hogarty , K & Kromrey , J.D. ( 2003 ). RETR_PWR: An SAS macro for retrospective statistical power analysis . Behaviour Research Methods, Instruments and Computers, 35 ( 4 ), 585 – 589 . doi:10.3758/BF03195537 10.3758/BF03195537 Holt , C.L. , & Ellis , J.B. ( 1998

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Gwendolyn M. Weatherford, Betty A. Block and Fredrick L. Wagner

(wearable electronics and testing); increases in “fair play” and “good governance” (computer and camera ball/player tracking systems); enhanced economic growth (automated manufacturing); and new opportunities for imaging, brand awareness, sponsorship, and television rights. Additional benefits include more

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Mark Norman, Katelyn Esmonde and Courtney Szto

images: Blogging as public sociology . Social Science Computer Review, 31 ( 2 ), 221 – 228 . doi:10.1177/0894439312442356 10.1177/0894439312442356 Weedon , G. ( 2013 ). The writing’s on the firewall: Assessing the promise of open access journal publishing for a public sociology of sport