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Estela Farías-Torbidoni, Demir Barić and Sebastià Mas-Alòs

supporting areas was based on the sectorial maps included on the official web page: . a For instance, rivers for fishing. b Snowshoeing, snow mountaineering, and cross-country skiing. Data Collection The data used in this study

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Estela Farías-Torbidoni and Demir Barić

hiking (slow walking), hiking (with rhythm), picking mushrooms, off-road motocross driving, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and trail running. The list also included an option labeled “staying at the entrance/being inactive.” In the third part

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Mariana R. Silva, Cristine L. Alberton, Caroline O. Braga and Stephanie S. Pinto

training sessions were as follows: stationary running (SR), frontal kick (FK), and cross-country skiing (CCS). This study adopted exercises that are often performed during water-based programs, which are the focus of many investigations in the water-based training field 15 , 17 – 19 , 23 at the HR AT

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Nicolas Hobson, Sherry L. Dupuis, Lora M. Giangregorio and Laura E. Middleton

living with MCI or early dementia: “I used to do it [cross country ski], but, then again, my wife has to drive me and she doesn’t cross country ski and, well, she’s not so keen on me going by myself in case I fall” (PWMD1-1). Community: Accessible planning facilitates participation and inclusion Safe and

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Lei Zhou, Marie-Anne Gougeon and Julie Nantel

older adults and individuals with balance and gait deficits. NW is performed with poles and consists of walking while moving the arms in a cross-country skiing motion. A recent study assessing the effect of NW in individuals with PD showed that a 6-week NW training program led to larger improvement in

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Aysha M. Thomas, Kayleigh M. Beaudry, Kimbereley L. Gammage, Panagiota Klentrou and Andrea R. Josse

from before entering university (ie, their time in their final grade of high school) compared with university (measured at the end of their first academic year), among males and females. Endurance activities included biking, cross-country skiing, floor hockey, jogging/running, ice skating, in

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Natalie Kružliaková, Paul A. Estabrooks, Wen You, Valisa Hedrick, Kathleen Porter, Michaela Kiernan and Jamie Zoellner

, basketball, cross country skiing, judo, roller skating, vigorous swimming, vigorous long distance bicycling)   _________ [Record times per week]   _________ [Record minutes per time] b  b) Moderate exercise (not exhausting)    (e.g., fast walking, baseball, tennis, easy bicycling, volleyball, badminton

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Thomas A. Perks

, skating , downhill skiing , jogging or running , golfing , exercise class or aerobics , cross-country skiing , bowling , baseball or softball , tennis , weight training , fishing , volleyball , yoga , or tai chi , and up to 3 other activities. Minor changes were made to this list of

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Ben Serrien, Maggy Goossens and Jean-Pierre Baeyens

rhytmic movement . Hillsdale, NJ : Erlbaum . Lamb , P.F. , Bartlett , R.M. , Lindinger , S. , & Kennedy , G. ( 2014 ). Multi-dimensional coordination in cross-country skiing analyzed using self-organizing maps . Human Movement Science, 33 , 54 – 69 . PubMed ID: 24060219 doi:10.1016/j

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Meredith Rocchi and Luc G. Pelletier

of 424 coaches ( n male  = 306, n female  = 103, and n missing  = 15) aged 19–71 years ( M  = 42.25, SD  = 10.10) participated in the study. They came from a variety of sport backgrounds including basketball, boxing, cross-country skiing, diving, figure skating, football, gymnastics, hockey