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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

accounts. Such efforts can also simultaneously help educate and train student-athletes to use social media as a strategic communication tool. Accordingly, Temple’s campaign represents a promising direction in balancing the social media equation for student-athletes. To better understand the rationale for

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Susan C. Brown

This study sought to identify significant predictors of success (a) in a graduate program of sport management at a major research institution in the United States and (b) in initial employment success. Regression analysis identified four significant predictors for success in the graduate program. The variables that produced a positive relationship with the dependent variable—final graduate grade point average—were age upon application, number of years of extracurricular activity involvement in undergraduate school, and undergraduate grade point average. The number of years in a full-time position in sport management upon application produced a significant negative relationship. Discriminant analysis was used to identify possible predictors of initial employment success identified as time from graduation to employment in a sport management position. However, no significant predictors were found.

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Daniel Wigfield, Ryan Snelgrove, Luke R. Potwarka, Katie Misener and Laura Wood

for each camp offering’s registration fee. Marketing In 2017, under the direction of Mano Watsa and his leadership team, PGC Basketball has attracted over 8,600 players and 700 coaches to their fall and summer camps. PGC Basketball spent approximately $300,000 in promotion efforts in 2017 on the

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Laura Misener, Kerri Bodin and Marika Kay

the legitimacy to their mission of organizational integration. Those involved at the time tell Katie that the staff support role was a step in the right direction; however, the meeting minutes that Katie consults demonstrate concerns that this individual had no decision-making autonomy or authority in

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Jules Woolf, Jess C. Dixon, B. Christine Green and Patrick J. Hill

stood out in Jacobs’s notes was from the Associate Athletic Director, Thomas. In his interview he declared: We’re a very goal-directed organization. So, in terms of a metaphor, I think of us as an eight-man crew. It’d be nice if we’re turned in the direction where you can actually see the goal. You don

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Steve Swanson and Samuel Y. Todd

homeless project. She had been on the job for nearly five months and had not yet been able to get enough buy-in from her work group to establish a clear direction and make meaningful progress. Maria had initially been excited to work with Lauren, the Director of Marketing, and Omar, the Director of Player

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Adam Cohen and Calvin Nite

inherently stressful. The students were tasked with creating events with minimal direction from the instructor and with varying levels of background experience. Whereas the instructor framed his minimal involvement as part of the learning experience, some students exhibited angst in group interactions and

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Molly Hayes Sauder and Michael Mudrick

also indicated that internships could be improved if nonchallenging or boring tasks were kept to a minimum and if they were given more direction in specific tasks ( Sotiriadou, 2011 ). Job challenge in internships was especially emphasized in a study by Dixon, Cunningham, Sagas, Turner, and Kent ( 2005

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G. Matthew Robinson, Mitchell J. Neubert and Glenn Miller

feelings of others; perspective taking element of empathy  Providing direction Ensures people know what is expected of them  Stewardship Taking responsibility for larger institution; emphasize service over control and self-interest Sun ( 2013 )  Calling Defines the vocation of the leader to be of service

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Daniel Wigfield and Ryan Snelgrove

compared to 0.45 shots per minute on full ice, twice the number of pass attempts, five times more passes received and twice as many changes in direction per player. ( Campbell, 2017a , p. 4). The Sweden Ice Hockey Association is also noted as having resounding success in developing and maintaining youth