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John Kerr

considered an act of unsanctioned aggression, but it was unintentional: I did break a girl’s fingers off the ball one time. She would not release the ball, she had to release it, I just went for fingers and ended up breaking one or two of her fingers. It wasn’t that I went in there saying I’m going to break

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Judy L. Van Raalte, Lorraine Wilson, Allen Cornelius and Britton W. Brewer

each dive, and before each mask-clearing skill participants in the self-talk groups received an underwater hand-signal cue (index finger tap to temple to indicate “think about and use your self-talk”) from the instructor. Each pool session ended with practice time prior to participants’ exiting the

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Alexander T. Latinjak, Marc Masó and Nikos Comoutos

 = 116; 70%): for example, “wrist snap,” “open fingers,” “keep your head up,” “extend your arm,” “bend your knees,” or “lean forward.” The rest of the instructional statements were aimed at the intention of the throw ( n  = 24; 14%): for example, “distance and strength,” “flat,” or “spin.” The second

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Andy Gillham and Craig Stone

from the data. This theme includes categories of mental preparation, being in the moment, self-confidence, intuition, and task-at-hand focus. Mental Preparation A distinctive mental component was identified by P-15: It was weird because like when a play was called in the huddle [finger snap], you knew

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Behrouz Abdoli, James Hardy, Javad F. Riyahi and Alireza Farsi

. Specifically, prior to each participants’ warm-up, eight photosensitive markers were affixed to the following locations of the body: head, right shoulder, right arm, right elbow, right wrist, finger, right thigh, and left shoulder. The captured data were analyzed using Cortex software (Motion Analysis Corp

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Cassidy Preston and Jessica Fraser-Thomas

bickering with each other and expressing their frustrations by criticizing each other rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. After the game I took responsibility, apologized for my actions, and explained to the team how I had lost perspective during the game, leading to uncalled-for finger