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Michael Mondello, Brian M. Mills and Scott Tainsky

Like most North American professional sports leagues, most National Football League (NFL) franchises do not share their market with any other football teams and, thus, enjoy the benefits of territorial monopolies. With restriction on the number of teams in the league and franchise agreements

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Thomas Horky, Marianna Baranovskaa, Christoph G. Grimmer, Honorata Jakubowska and Barbara Stelzner

Football’s EURO 2016 in France marked a high point for sport journalism and broadcasting in all the countries involved ( Broadband, 2016 ). Above all in Europe, reporting on the big football tournaments regularly gains the greatest television coverage ( Gerhard & Geese, 2016 ; Gerhard & Zubayr

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Brendan Dwyer, Joshua M. Lupinek and Rebecca M. Achen

-oriented where women are seen as invaders or outsiders ( Sveinson & Hoeber, 2016 ). This dominant ideology has made it difficult for female sports fans to have their own voice ( Esmonde, Cooky, & Andrews, 2015 ). Despite such an ideology, the National Football League (NFL) fan base is now estimated to be half

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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

disclose on social media and how such content might potentially violate National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules ( Sanderson, 2018a ; Sanderson, Snyder, Hull, & Gramlich, 2015 ). Against this backdrop, Temple University’s football program introduced a unique social media strategy for its 2018

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Mathieu Winand, Matthew Belot, Sebastian Merten and Dimitrios Kolyperas

Internationale de Football Association ), which manages the game of football (soccer) and whose members are national football associations around the world. The purpose of this research was to examine the way FIFA uses Twitter and analyze how this ISF interacts with its followers using this particular social

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Herbert F. Moorhouse

In Britain, professional football (soccer) is the major sport and has been the focus of considerable sociological study. This paper argues that previous studies, which have concentrated on football’s relation to class relations and class cultures, have erred by ignoring the role of football finance. Evidence is provided about the relation in Britain between two professional leagues, the English and the Scottish; and the financial situation of four major clubs, two from each side of the border, is traced to reveal significant differences between them. These variations are then used to show how particular patterns of football finance feed into the symbols and images that surround the game in Scotland and that feed into the popular culture of that country in a way which preempts class as the most fruitful line of analysis.

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Kyle Siler

For better or worse, athletics assume a prominent role in campus life for athletes and non-athletes alike in most American colleges. American football is a violent, physically dangerous and extremely popular sport, especially on college campuses. In 2013, NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic

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Charles Macaulay, Joseph Cooper and Shaun Dougherty

A 67-game winning streak, an Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) nationally televised game, and 17 players receiving financial assistance for tuition with a growing list of players emerging at the next level. This is not a college team, but rather it is a high school football

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Beth G. Clarkson, Elwyn Cox and Richard C. Thelwell

Background In stark contrast to a significant growth in women’s participation in football (soccer) over the past 20 years, such growth is not reflected in the number of women coaches at all levels of expertise ( Williams, 2013 ). Recent reports indicate that 80% of coaching positions in European

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Derek M.D. Silva, Roy Bower and William Cipolli III

For thousands of high school athletes playing football across the country, the first Wednesday in February has a particularly special meaning. It is a day that encompasses years of grueling practices, training, studying, and preparation for a passage into collegiate athletics. Officially referred