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Bradley J. Conant, Nicole A. German and Shannon L. David

moving valgus stress test and/or milking maneuver and MR arthrogram, desire to return to sport, ability to undergo consecutive PRP injections, and postinjection MRI. Patients with grade-1 or grade-3 injuries, concomitant injuries to the extremity, or inability to comply with rehabilitation program were

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Nathan Oakes and Jennifer M. Medina McKeon

ligament tear, and underwent surgery. Two patients with history of surgery demonstrated continued pain with valgus stress and milking movements, underwent surgery. Localized soft tissue swelling at site of injection, that resolved within 24 hr, did occur. No systemic reactions, nerve palsies, or infections

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Jin-Young Park, Junhyun Kim, Beom Ho Seo, Ho Dong Yu, Ju Hyun Sim, Jae Hyung Lee, Kyung Soo Oh and Seok Won Chung

for superior labrum anterior to posterior, posterior jerk, Kim’s test for posterior labral tear, Milking, moving valgus for MCL injury. Diagnostic investigations such as X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, 3D CT were conducted to all patients. In addition, magnetic resonance arthrography and CT

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Jessyca N. Arthur-Cameselle and Molly Curcio

#4, a diet change was key to starting recovery: [After eating] milk and dairy products I would either throw up, get diarrhea, get nauseous and bloated… So, associated with the lactose in my diet, I was getting very bloated, which made me look bigger, which made me want to not eat. As soon as [I] cut

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Duncan Simpson and Lauren P. Elberty

.” Similarly, Sarah stated “[basketball] did become a coping skill. I was with my whole team, and we were playing a sport that we knew she loved. We could finish her dream for her.” Other participants used food, drugs, and alcohol to cope, “I would drink chocolate milk, and eat a lot of chocolate,” (Emma) and