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Kelsey Dow, Robert Pritchett, Karen Roemer and Kelly Pritchett

Commercial “carbohydrate-replacement” beverages (sports drinks), which contain added carbohydrate to aid in muscle glycogen resynthesis, are commonly used as part of post-exercise recovery routines. Recently, studies have suggested that low-fat chocolate milk is an effective post-exercise recovery

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Upon Gender Role Identity and Mental Toughness in Female Athletes Jenny Meggs * Mark Chen * Danielle Mounfield * 27 1 37 44 10.1123/wspaj.2017-0041 wspaj.2017-0041 Chocolate Milk as a Post-Exercise Recovery Aid in Division II Collegiate Volleyball Players Kelsey Dow * Robert Pritchett * Karen

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Tanya Prewitt-White, Christopher P. Connolly, Yuri Feito, Alexandra Bladek, Sarah Forsythe, Logan Hamel and Mary Ryan McChesney

medical provider advice, when it was suggested that they simply walk or discontinue their weight lifting routines. For example, Diane laughed when she said, “when I first went to my OB/GYM appointment, the nurse told me that I couldn’t lift more than a gallon of milk and I remember looking at her like you

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René Revis Shingles

with real chicken and breading or prepackaged and frozen? Are the mashed potatoes made from real potatoes, milk, and butter or from a box? Are there options for farm-to-cafeteria? The policies that govern the local school’s cafeteria food and food processes may be contributing to childhood obesity

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Sharon E. Taverno Ross

-beverage consumption, changing type and/or amount of milk consumed, decreasing screen time, and increasing physical activity). Interactions between parents and the community health worker, regardless of delivery system, included goal review, barrier identification, and so on. The BMC + home condition also included

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Sungho Cho, J. Lucy Lee, June Won and Jong Kwan (Jake) Lee

United v. Manchester Moo United The service-oriented brand M  = 3.18, SD  = 2.09 • Soccer • Cows/milk • Knock off/copy of Manchester United Note . Bold texts indicate the most mentioned brand associations of junior brands. a Similarity between senior and junior brands ranging from 1 ( completely

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David I. Anderson

movements in newborns (e.g., van der Meer, van der Weel, & Lee, 1995 ). Ongoing work in Barbu-Roth’s laboratory is showing that optic flow can be used to stimulate newborn crawling and that crawling can also be stimulated by the odor of maternal breast milk and the mother’s voice (e.g., Forma, Anderson