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Rory Mack, Jeff Breckon, Joanne Butt and Ian Maynard

The purpose of this study was to explore how sport and exercise psychologists working in sport understand and use motivational interviewing (MI). Eleven practitioners participated in semistructured interviews, and inductive thematic analysis identified themes linked to explicit use of MI, such as building engagement and exploring ambivalence to change; the value of MI, such as enhancing the relationship, rolling with resistance and integrating with other approaches; and barriers to the implementation of MI in sport psychology, such as a limited evidence-base in sport. Findings also indicated considerable implicit use of MI by participants, including taking an athlete-centered approach, supporting athlete autonomy, reflective listening, demonstrating accurate empathy, and taking a nonprescriptive, guiding role. This counseling style appears to have several tenets to enhance current practice in sport psychology, not least the enhancement of therapeutic alliance.

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Rory J. Mack, Jeff D. Breckon, Paul D. O’Halloran and Joanne Butt

interventions such as CBT can be enhanced by applying an underpinning/adjunct approach such as motivational interviewing (MI; Miller & Rollnick, 2013 ) to form an integrative MI-CBT (athlete-centered) therapy. While this integrative approach is becoming well understood and commonly applied in health settings

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Jonathan Rhodes, Jon May, Jackie Andrade and David Kavanagh

“that creates a context where people are encouraged to consider the utility and possibility of functional behaviour change” (p. 259). FIT pairs the spirit of motivational interviewing (MI; Miller & Rollnick, 2012 ) with a focus on enhancing the concreteness and vividness of an individual’s goal

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Martin J. Turner, Gillian Aspin, Faye F. Didymus, Rory Mack, Peter Olusoga, Andrew G. Wood and Richard Bennett

to the four CBTs, two practitioners bring expertise in motivational interviewing (MI; Miller & Rollnick, 2013 ), a counseling approach presented as a valuable adjunct to CBT. The first author assembled the practitioner team by contacting prominent experts in each of the selected approaches. Once the

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-Level, Experienced Sport Psychology Practitioners Alessandro Quartiroli * Sharon M. Knight * Edward F. Etzel * Rebecca A. Zakrajsek * 33 2 148 158 10.1123/tsp.2017-0140 tsp.2017-0140 Enhancing Athlete Engagement in Sport Psychology Interventions Using Motivational Interviewing: A Case Study Rory J. Mack

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Davies * Andrew Cruickshank * Dave Collins * 12 2017 31 4 382 395 10.1123/tsp.2017-0033 Professional Practice Exploring the Understanding and Application of Motivational Interviewing in Applied Sport Psychology Rory Mack * Jeff Breckon * Joanne Butt * Ian Maynard * 12 2017 31 4 396 409 10

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Judy L. Van Raalte, Allen E. Cornelius, Elizabeth M. Mullin, Britton W. Brewer, Erika D. Van Dyke, Alicia J. Johnson and Takehiro Iwatsuki

relative to declarative self-talk for a number of reasons. First, they noted that open-ended questions, such as those used in psychotherapeutic motivational interviewing, are particularly useful in effecting behavior change because they help clients to generate their own thoughts about goal accomplishment

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Thomas M. Leeder, Kate Russell and Lee C. Beaumont

sport and exercise psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council, chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and is a motivational interviewing trainer. Her primary research interests include gender and sexuality in sport, teacher/teaching identity, and mental health in sport

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Artur Poczwardowski, Mark Aoyagi, Thomas Fritze and Mark Laird

: Principles and practice . London, UK : Sage . 10.4135/9781473957657 Mack , R.J. , Breckon , J.D. , O’Halloran , P.D. , & Butt , J. ( 2018 ). Enhancing athlete engagement in sport psychology interventions using motivational interviewing: A case study . The Sport Psychologist, 33 ( 2 ), 159