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Bradley D. Hatfield

learning of a sequential maze learning task in which specific areas of the brain revealed lower activity after training, while other areas, specific to movement execution, revealed heightened activity. The participants practiced tracing a cut-out maze design with their eyes closed while scanned using

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Howard N. Zelaznik

: Evidence for a common timing mechanism . Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 21 , 3 – 18 . Ivry , R.B. , Keele , S.W. , & Diener , H.C. ( 1988 ). Dissociation of the lateral and medial cerebellum in movement timing and movement execution . Experimental Brain

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Mark L. Latash

. Second, in many recent studies, synergy means a number of elemental variables (for example, muscle activations, joint rotations, or digit forces) that show parallel changes with changes in task parameters and/or over the time of movement execution ( d’Avella, Saltiel, & Bizzi, 2003 ; Jerde, Soechting

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Geoffrey T. Burns, Kenneth M. Kozloff and Ronald F. Zernicke

tour) the elites and nonprofessionals exhibited significant differences in kinematics across most of the movement execution. For example, in the battements, the professionals achieved greater knee hyperextension in the “working” leg, suggesting greater strength or control in the knee musculature

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Cheryl M. Glazebrook

joint angles and muscle activations do not need to be specified or planned/programmed in advance of movement execution. On the other hand, the central tenet of schema theory and how we produce novel movement solutions is the general motor program concept, which provides an outline of the movements