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Duane Knudson

standard 2-year window for citations to calculate the IF disadvantages disciplines or fields that have small numbers of references per paper and lower citation rates. Large variation in citation density and half-life has led to efforts to normalize the IF and other citation metrics to academic disciplines

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Howard N. Zelaznik

tactile feedback affected the kinematic properties of the timing movements, normalized mean square jerk (a measure of movement smoothness) was calculated ( Teulings, Contrerasvidal, Stelmach, & Adler, 1997 ). The values of normalized mean square jerk in circle drawing were unaffected by the alterations of

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Sandra J. Shultz and Randy J. Schmitz

normalized to body weight, but only 3.6% smaller when area was normalized to lean body mass ( Anderson et al., 2001 ) These results are similar to bone and tendon where greater size and strength were more strongly correlated with muscle mass than height, weight, fat mass, total mass, or BMI ( Culvenor et

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Bradley D. Hatfield

interactions between motor and nonmotor areas, thus increasing complexity of the neuromotor processes during the aiming period. The translation of the brain state to performance was realized as an increase in normalized jerk, which is a dimensionless index of movement dysfluency ( Kitazawa, Goto

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Mark L. Latash

reflecting the two aforementioned methods of analysis within the UCM hypothesis. One index, ΔV, reflects the relative amount of V UCM within total variance: ΔV = (V UCM  – V ORT )/V TOT , where V TOT stands for total variance, and each index is normalized per dimension in the corresponding space. Positive

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Melinda A. Solmon

networks in educational institutions can act to normalize academic misconduct or, conversely, to promote ethical behavior ( Brass et al., 1998 ). Promoting a culture of integrity is a key component in efforts geared toward preventing academic misconduct ( Kusnoor & Falik, 2013 ). A culture of integrity is

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Michael Gay and Semyon Slobounov

investigation, exercise was able to normalize the connections between regions of the brain directly affected by concussion. This phenomenon has also been demonstrated in a cohort of mild cognitive-impaired healthy elderly patients, where functional connectivity of the PCC/precuneus was increased following a 12

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Gretchen Kerr, Anthony Battaglia and Ashley Stirling

the ultimate objective, athletes are vulnerable to being treated as expendable subjects (“means”), and as a result, experiences of maltreatment become normalized in the pursuit of performance excellence (“ends”) ( Burke, 2001 ; David, 2005 ). During the Nassar trial, survivor statements revealed that

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Timothy W. Cacciatore, Patrick M. Johnson and Rajal G. Cohen

throughout the weight shift. Together, these findings suggest that Alexander teachers were solving the movement challenge of smoothly rising from a chair at different speeds by adaptive use of their postural system. Figure 8 —Normalized hip torque during the 1-s chair rise in Alexander teachers and controls