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David Pierce, Melissa Davies and Bryan Kryder

tackling a strategy or systems-level challenge. For example, designing a new community recreational center to combat childhood obesity may be too broad and complex, but asking students to design programming for a weeklong camp for a specific target market is more manageable because it can be communicated

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Mark Dottori, Guy Faulkner, Ryan Rhodes, Norm O’Reilly, Leigh Vanderloo and Gashaw Abeza

communicate to the public through the Report Card. These frame clusters were then further broken down into sets of variables derived from the literature on how media frame youth physical activity, obesity, and general health (e.g.,  Hawkins & Linvill, 2010 ). Previous studies formed the basis for identifying

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-detection sensors and software to replicate physical movements generated by the player. Motion-based video games have been defined as a video game that may affect the players balance, cardiovascular, flexibility, or strength exercise. As a result, motion-based video games may be used as means to battle obesity and

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Yong Jae Ko, Yonghwan Chang, Wonseok Jang, Michael Sagas and John Otto Spengler

attention in the fields of sport management and marketing to date. In particular, to effectively address urgent societal issues such as physical inactivity and obesity, it is necessary to develop a clearer understanding of the key determinants of sport spectatorship and participation. To bridge this gap in

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T. Christopher Greenwell, Jason M. Simmons, Meg Hancock, Megan Shreffler and Dustin Thorn

. Further, sexualized presentations are good for building certain personality attributes but tend to make the athletes seem less skilled and less successful. This dilemma is summed up by a quote from former UFC fighter Mark Bocek, who stated, “It’s difficult for an obese women’s MMA fighter to get in, but

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Shushu Chen and Laura Misener

priorities were around reducing levels of obesity, increasing levels of physical activity. So, I think the ambition from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland point of view was how we could use the inspiration and the legacy to help behaviour change around lifestyle behaviour change. That caused . . . whilst

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Rory Mulcahy and Edwina Luck

-confidence, reducing obesity, and friendships ( Hill, Stoeber, Brown, & Appleton, 2014 ). Sport, however, can also contain aspects that may detract from transformative value, such as bullying and conflict ( Holt, Knight, & Zukiwski, 2012 ). It is surprising that transformative value has yet to be investigated in sport

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Matthew Katz, Thomas A. Baker III and Hui Du

on individual attitudes and behavior are substantial. Networks influence outcomes as divergent as obesity, happiness, and divorce ( Christakis & Fowler, 2009 ). From a broad perspective, network analysis is a way of conceptualizing social systems that emphasize the relationships among the actors that

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Per G. Svensson and Richard Loat

augment the program and sustain its efforts. The approach has seen up to 50% reduction in the levels of obesity among certain participant groups in target communities. The involvement of regional sporting bodies led to the increase in local capacity to deliver sporting programs, which has increased the

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George B. Cunningham and Calvin Nite

of analysis. Marini et al. ( 2013 ) showed that country-level implicit fat bias was associated with the obesity rates in the country. In the sport context, Watanabe and Cunningham ( 2020 ) showed that market-level implicit racial bias was predictive of attendance at National Football League games