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Janet S. Fink

In this article, from the 2015 Earle F. Zeigler Lecture Award presented in Ottawa, Canada, I hope to create greater awareness of how sexism remains uncontested in sport. I highlight the persistence of sexism in sport and note the form of sexism is different from that found in other industries. I also argue that sexism is treated quite differently than other types of discrimination in sport and provide examples of its impact. I suggest that adapting Shaw and Frisby’s (2006) alternative frame of gender equity is necessary for real change to occur and call on all NASSM members as researchers, teachers, or participants to take action to eradicate sexism in sport.

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J. Thomas Yokum, Juan J. Gonzalez and Tom Badgett

We are interested in forecasting or predicting the long-term viability of a minor league baseball team. The research question is whether this minor league team will be successful in attracting attendance over an extended period of time. An important financial issue is if the team is predicted to fail, then exactly how long will it last? A variety of methods are used in a step-by-step procedure to evaluate this viability. We first test whether attendance is evolving or stable through a unit root test, a test of market persistence. We then use the Bass model to assess whether the projected product life cycle is turning up or down. The Gompertz and logistic (Pearl) diffusion curves are next applied to home stand data of various lengths in order to make forecasts of an eventual dissolution point at which the team would financially collapse. Market saturation is not estimated, but set at the stadium capacity. Forecasting principles involving diffusion models are implemented. Analogies are used as a complementary forecasting technique to assess whether there is long-term potential for survival. Finally, logistic regression on cross-sectional data is used to supplement the forecasts. The results of the triangulation of diffusion curves, analogies, and logistic regression predict a decline in the minor league team’s ability to capture attendance.

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Kristi Sweeney

“a medium for the exchange of ideas. Such exchanges would also contribute to the construction of a common language of ideals among coaches and athletic directors across the land” (p. 52). “The Ballyhoo Yeas, 1919–1925” is a fitting title for Lindaman’s third chapter and highlights the persistence of

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Daniel C. Funk

to spread ideas is to set realistic goals. Journals as the primary channel to spread an idea will be uncomfortably slow so patience and persistence is required. As you navigate the academic publishing ecosystem, consider your strengths and weaknesses in terms of writing skills, theoretical and

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Eric W. MacIntosh and Popi Sotiriadou

athletes’ persistence or dropping out over time . Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 19, 274 – 285 . PubMed ID: 18384491 doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0838.2008.00786.x Braun , V. , & Clarke , V. ( 2006 ). Using thematic analysis in psychology . Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3

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Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Kyle B. Heuett, Tarkington J. Newman and Shea M. Brgoch

.R. , & Morris , G.C. ( 1975 ). Group tasks, group interaction process, and group performance effectiveness: A review and proposed integration . New York, NY : Academic Press . Hickman , D.C. , & Myer , A.G. ( 2017 ). Does athletic success influence persistence at higher education institutions? New

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Jesse King and Robert Madrigal

effective as longer form descriptions of the association, potentially saving time and money in the promotion of sponsorships. References Becker-Olsen , K. , & Simmons , C.J. ( 2002 ). When do social sponsorships enhance or dilute equity? Fit, message source, and the persistence of effects . In S

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Sarah Kelly and Michael Ireland

. Becker-Olsen , K.L. , & Simmons , C.J. ( 2002 ). When do social sponsorships enhance or dilute equity? Fit, message source, and the persistence of effects . NA—Advances in Consumer Research, 29 , 287 – 289 . Bennett , R. ( 1999 ). Sports sponsorship, spectator recall and false consensus

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John Vincent, Jason W. Lee, Kevin Hull and John Hill

replenishment is required to ensure that the brand remains innovative and enthralling. Accordingly, advertising and branding campaigns must be continually evaluated to build and maintain brand affinity and equity. This challenge requires persistence and perseverance, often over several decades ( Sevier, 2001

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Allyson C. Hartzell and Marlene A. Dixon

requires persistence, awareness of one’s progress, and a careful analysis of the puzzles that lie ahead . . . . For women who aspire to top leadership, routes exist but are full of twists and turns, both unexpected and expected. Because all labyrinths have a viable route to the center, it is understood