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Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Celina Shirazipour and Krystn Orr

.g., the iceberg profile); the lack of research and measures grounded in contemporary theories of affect, emotions, and mood; and the push toward further inquiry into positive affect and emotions, such as posttraumatic growth, flow, and life satisfaction. The final section of Part 2 focuses on cognition in

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Brian A. Eiler, Rosemary Al-Kire, Patrick C. Doyle and Heidi A. Wayment

, alcoholic, baby, baby  Overall Well-being Lasswell 487 words in well-being domain adjust, adult, afraid, air, alcoholic Posttraumatic Growth  Positive General inquirer 1,915 words related to a positive outlook Abide, ability, able  Englightenment Total Lasswell 835 words related to enlightenment contemplate

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Shaunna M. Burke, Jennifer Brunet, Amanda Wurz, Christina Butler and Andrea Utley

childhood cancer ( Barakat, Alderfer, & Kazak, 2006 ; Sundberg, Lampic, Bjork, Arvidson, & Wettergren, 2009 ; Wakefield et al., 2010 ). From a posttraumatic growth perspective ( Tedeschi & Calhoun, 2004 ), struggling together with a highly challenging life circumstance can serve as a catalyst for growth

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Nima Dehghansai and Joseph Baker

.1037/0033-2909.112.1.155 Day , M.C. ( 2013 ). The role of initial physical activity experiences in promoting posttraumatic growth in Paralympic athletes with an acquired disability . Disability and Rehabilitation, 35 ( 24 ), 2064 – 2072 . 10.3109/09638288.2013.805822 Dehghansai , N

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Emily R. Hunt and Melissa C. Day

). Transforming from cocoon to butterfly: The potential role of the body in the process of posttraumatic growth . Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 50 ( 2 ), 224 – 247 . doi:10.1177/0022167809341996 10.1177/0022167809341996 Heil , J. ( 2012 ). Pain on the run: Injury, pain and performance in a distance