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Lynley Ingerson and Michael L. Naraine

sports and medical facilities. Responses from former players argued that as they were injured representing their state or country, they were entitled to be rehabilitated by CA in perpetuity. However, complainants felt past players used this freedom to work fewer hours and contribute less to department

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Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Liz A. Wanless, Sarah M. Aldridge and Daniel W. Jones

education officials are reminded of the guidelines outlined by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to ensure equal access to all educational benefits, including technology. The instructor found engaging an instructional designer in course

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Cheryl R. Rode and Robin Hardin

. Indianapolis, IN : National Collegiate Athletic Association . Deeming , P. , & Johnson , L.L. ( 2009 ). An application of Bandura’s social learning theory: A new approach to deafblind support groups . Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association, 2009 ( Suppl. ), 203 – 209

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Molly Hayes Sauder, Michael Mudrick and Jaime R. DeLuca

, E.K. , Anderson , C.A. , Brooks , J. , Hartman , E.C. , Wilson , M.T. , & Fujikawa , M. ( 2012 ). Facilitators and barriers to integrated employment: Results of focus group analysis . Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 36 ( 2 ), 73 – 86 . doi:10.3233/JVR-2012-0583 Schull , V

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David Pierce and James Johnson

trainers are the sports medicine professionals within the athletic department responsible for the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries ( Gauthier, 2009 ). Athletic trainer was the only occupation to include the Investigative profile in the three-letter code, and it was the highest

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Jimmy Sanderson

This case study considers how audience labor performed via information and communication technologies (ICTs) helps sports organizations monitor professional athletes. Three incidents are examined—(a) National Basketball Association (NBA) player Greg Oden participating in a pickup (casual) basketball game while he was rehabilitating an injured knee, (b) photographs posted on the Internet that captured National Football League player Matt Leinart posing with several young women in a hot tub and holding a beer bong, and (c) a video posted on YouTube that depicted NBA player Josh Howard disparaging the U.S. national anthem. The case study explores how ICTs enable sports organizations to capitalize on free labor provided by audience members to intensify surveillance of professional athletes and how fans’ ability to comment on news coverage of these stories reinforces organizational control, further reifying professional athletes as commodities.

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Fallon R. Mitchell, Sara Santarossa and Sarah J. Woodruff

.4081/jphr.2018.1166 10.4081/jphr.2018.1166 Thompson , J. , & Heinberg , L. ( 1999 ). The media’s influence on body image disturbance and eating disorders: We’ve reviled them, now can we rehabilitate them? Journal of Social Issues, 55 ( 2 ), 339 – 353 . doi:10.1111/0022-4537.00119 10

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Shaun M. Anderson and Matthew M. Martin

rehabilitation of underrepresented communities. While community engagement is not the only factor contributing to sport organizations’ success and survival, it has been acknowledged as an important part of the business ( Hill & Green, 2000 ). In fact, the Australian Government ( 2008 ) mentioned that “at the

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Tywan G. Martin, Jessica Wallace, Young Ik Suh, Kysha Harriell and Justin Tatman

.1177/0363546512456193 Langlois , J.A. , Rutland-Brown , W. , & Wald , M.M. ( 2006 ). The epidemiology and impact of traumatic brain injury: A brief overview . Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 21, 375 – 378 . PubMed doi:10.1097/00001199-200609000-00001 10.1097/00001199-200609000-00001 Laskas , J.M. ( 2009

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Gregory A. Cranmer and Sara LaBelle

. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 49 , 95 – 103 . PubMed doi:10.1007/s12160-014-9636-5 10.1007/s12160-014-9636-5 Langlois , J.A. , Rutland-Brown , W. , & Wald , M.M. ( 2006 ). The epidemiology and impact of traumatic brain injury: A brief overview . Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 21