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Dustin A. Hahn and R. Glenn Cummins

Studies examining factors that influence credibility perceptions have demonstrated the importance of a source’s gender and attractiveness. However, scholars have only begun to extend these findings to credibility in the context of mediated sports. This experiment tested the relationship that gender and attractiveness have with credibility and whether this varies as a function of the gender of the athlete in a given story. Results indicate that reporters’ gender and attractiveness and athlete gender affect perceptions of credibility such that when reporters are of the opposite gender of an athlete, they are perceived as most credible when they are less attractive. Results also reveal a gender bias such that reporters are perceived as most credible when covering male athletes, regardless of reporter gender. Explanations are offered for these findings, in addition to a discussion of the implications for news practitioners.

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Aggrey Sam

basketball magazine that arguably embodied the intersection between the culture of hip-hop music and young players in the National Basketball Association (NBA) that emerged in the 1990s, he was ready to embrace his passion for all sports. Accepting the editor-in-chief position at Bleacher Report, a high

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Hans C. Schmidt

topic of 22.73% ( n  = 20) of all articles or television reports about social and political activism. Second, reactions to North Carolina’s passage of a law requiring individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate was the topic of 11.36% ( n  = 10) of all

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Kent Kaiser

This 2-part longitudinal study uses quantitative content analysis of newspapers to investigate gender dynamics in producing news on equality in sports. It analyzes differences in Title IX coverage by reporter gender to determine whether female journalists advocated more aggressively for women’s equality than their male counterparts did. The study’s first part uses content analysis of volume and placement of articles about Title IX, by journalist gender, and discusses the implications of how patterns of volume and placement have changed over time. The second part identifies advocacy and opposition frames used in the conflict over Title IX; applies content analysis of frames used, by journalist gender; and discusses implications of reporting differences and changes over time for equality. Evidence suggests that, first, social control; then a feminist perspective; and, most recently, a postfeminist worldview among female journalists influenced coverage of the law.

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Edward M. Kian

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Cora Burnett and Wim Hollander

The United Kingdom-South Africa Sports Initiative was launched in 1994 to contribute to a sustainable and equitable sports development system in South Africa. The initiative was implemented in two phases. Phase I entailed planning and developing a national sports administration curriculum. In Phase II, planning was finalized and resources were provided for the development of a sports delivery system, and the program was monitored to identify (a) problems, constraints, and challenges; (b) solutions; and (c) an implementation plan. Coordinators (n = 5), lead facilitators (n = 2), facilitators (n = 10), and sports leaders (n = 9) were interviewed, and statistics were compiled on their race and gender. The conclusion of Phase II entailed monitoring different aspects of the sports leaders' course. The main trends identified through that process include the context, aims and objectives, style of presentation, and content of courses at different levels. Perceptions about ownership, management, and the possible impact of the initiative are discussed.

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Jimmy Sanderson

This case study examines star Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens’s image-repair strategies during a press conference he held to respond to allegations that he had used steroids and human-growth hormones earlier in his playing career. When professional athletes are confronted with allegations of cheating or illegitimately enhancing their athletic performance, they are faced with a crisis situation, and selecting and performing the appropriate response is paramount in repairing their image and mitigating personal harm (e.g., loss of endorsements). In many cases, however, professional athletes rely on attorneys, agents, or other individuals who might underestimate the relevance of appropriately communicating image repair, thereby resulting in the athlete’s image being further damaged. Although Clemens employed various image-repair strategies during his press conference, his failure to enact these strategies appropriately further harmed his reputation and ultimately raised more questions than he answered.

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Allison Manwell, James Johnson and Khirey Walker

course load and seemed to focus more on the football spotlight rather than the details of his courses. To be eligible for postseason play in a different academic term, student-athletes must earn (i.e., pass) six hours of course work. On his last bi-monthly progress report, John had earned a C+, two Ds

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Vassilios Ziakas and Sylvia Trendafilova

Ian turned on his laptop to start working on his first report for his new job. He was very pleased with the opportunity that had presented itself. It involved planning, and potentially organizing and implementing an event for motorcycles. Events and motorcycles were definitely two of his favorite

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Megan B. Shreffler, Adam R. Cocco, Regina G. Presley and Chelsea C. Police

hypothesis, Rohrer and Pashler ( 2012 ) were only able to find three studies that reported positive results when matching instructional modes to learning styles with respect to course outcomes. Despite the positive results in these three studies, the findings were considered questionable because there were a