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Carlos Amo, Miguel Ortiz del Castillo, Rafael Barea, Luis de Santiago, Alejandro Martínez-Arribas, Pedro Amo-López and Luciano Boquete


Propose a simplified method applicable in routine clinical practice that uses EEG to assess induced gamma-band activity (GBA) in the 30–90 Hz frequency range in cerebral motor areas.


EEG recordings (25 healthy subjects) of cerebral activity (at rest, motor task). GBA was obtained as power spectral density (PSD). GBA — defined as the gamma index (Iγ) — was calculated using the basal GBA (γB) and motor GBA (γMOV) PSD values.


The mean values of Iγ were (Iγ R (right hand) = 1.30, Iγ L (left hand) = 1.22). Manual laterality showed a correlation with Iγ.


Iγ may provide a useful way of indirectly assessing operation of activated motor neuronal circuits. It could be applied to diagnosis of motor area pathologies and as follow up in rehabilitation processes. Likewise, Iγ could enable the assessment of motor capacity, physical training and manual laterality in sport medicine.

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Monna Arvinen-Barrow, Diarmuid Hurley and Montse C. Ruiz

This study documented the lived career-ending injury experiences among elite Irish rugby football union (IRFU) players. Three players took part in semistructured one-on-one interviews. Interpretative phenomenological analysis (Smith, 1996) revealed that the process of psychosocial injury rehabilitation and the subsequent transition process was for the most part a distressing one and evolved in a cyclical, yet stage-like (Heil, 1994), manner. The nature of the postinjury career transition appeared to be dependent on the interactional balance of participants’ psychosocial responses to injury, existing coping mechanisms, and other factors related to the injury and career transition process. Appropriate social support network, use of sport medicine and counseling professionals, as well as organizational officials are needed to best prepare elite rugby players for life outside of sport, and to ensure a healthy career transition (Taylor & Ogilvie, 1994) out of sport.

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Anne-Marie Heugas and Isabelle A. Siegler

to thank elite race walkers, Inés Miraoui and Dr. Gilbert Pérés, who allowed this investigation to be carried out in the Sport Medicine Laboratory of the University Pierre et Marie-Curie, Pitié Salpétrière. This study was conducted with nonexternal funding. References Beaupied , H. , Multon , F

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Scott R. Brown, Matt Brughelli and Seth Lenetsky

school basketball players . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 10 , 239 – 244 . PubMed doi:10.1097/00042752-200010000-00003 10.1097/00042752-200010000-00003 McHugh , M.P. , Tyler , T.F. , Tetro , D.T. , Mullaney , M.J. , & Nicholas , S.J. ( 2006 ). Risk factors for noncontact ankle

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Masafumi Terada, Megan Beard, Sara Carey, Kate Pfile, Brian Pietrosimone, Elizabeth Rullestad, Heather Whitaker and Phillip Gribble

, M.R. , Powden , C.J. , Houston , M.N. , & Hoch , M.C. ( 2014 ). Plantar cutaneous sensitivity and balance in individuals with and without chronic ankle instability . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 24 ( 6 ), 490 – 496 . PubMed ID: 24451692 doi:10.1097/JSM.0000000000000074 10

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Nili Steinberg, Gordon Waddington, Roger Adams, Janet Karin and Oren Tirosh

, M. , Orishimo , K.F. , & Hagins , M. ( 2011 ). Time to stability differences between male and female dancers after landing from a jump on flat and inclined floors . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 21 ( 4 ), 325 – 329 . PubMed doi:10.1097/JSM.0b013e31821f5cfb 10.1097/JSM.0b013e31821f5

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Matthew D. Bird, Graig M. Chow, Gily Meir and Jaison Freeman

in Sport, 18 , 255 – 261 . PubMed ID: 24882147 doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2014.04.006 10.1016/j.jsams.2014.04.006 Hammond , T. , Gialloreto , C. , Kubas , H. , & Davis , I.H. ( 2013 ). The prevalence of failure-based depression among elite athletes . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 23

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Richard Tahtinen, Michael McDougall, Niels Feddersen, Olli Tikkanen, Robert Morris and Noora J. Ronkainen

elite athletes . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 23 ( 4 ), 273 – 277 . PubMed ID: 23528842 doi: 10.1097/JSM.0b013e318287b870 Hankin , B.L. ( 2008 ). Stability of cognitive vulnerabilities to depression: A short-term prospective multiwave study . Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 117 ( 2

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Johanna Belz, Jens Kleinert, Jeannine Ohlert, Thea Rau and Marc Allroggen

. , Kubas , H. , & Davis , H. ( 2013 ). The prevalence of failure-based depression among elite athletes . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 23 ( 4 ), 273 – 277 . PubMed doi:10.1097/JSM.0b013e318287b870 10.1097/JSM.0b013e318287b870 Hankin , B.L. ( 2006 ). Adolescent depression: Description

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Uta Kraus, Sophie Clara Holtmann and Tanja Legenbauer

distance runners . Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 11 ( 1 ), 32 – 37 . PubMed ID: 11176143 doi:10.1097/00042752-200101000-00006 10.1097/00042752-200101000-00006 Krentz , E.M. , & Warschburger , P. ( 2011 ). Sports-related correlates of disordered eating: A comparison between aesthetic and